"The welfare of humanity is always the alibi of tyrants" - Albert Camus

Thursday, October 6, 2011

AGW Falling On Hard Times

Man made global warming scam is an interesting study in how a small group of scientists can create the illusion of representing scientific consensus where there obviously is none.  The Alinskyite tactics of smearing the other side, while doing exactly what you are smearing them for, works well enough for any leftist cause you might think of.  The President and his gang do it all the time in relation to who is destroying the economy.  Unions do it.  Human rights, animal rights....... you name the group - they all invariably adhere to tactics favored by the collectivist left all over the world ever since the 19th century. 

Case after case the warmists are either proven to be wrong or discovered to be conspiring to manufacture data that support their position.  It has gotten so bad that, the so-called consensus has been breaking for the past several years.  Scientist after scientist are disavowing the fake "consensus" position that man is primarily responsible for global warming, and joining the thousands of climate scientists around the globe in pointing out the scam that AGW is.

The following by Steven Goddard of Real Science sums up the latest developments in the car wreck AGW movement has become:
HadCrut acknowledges that temperatures have declined this millennium. NASA acknowledges that sea level has declined for the past two years. NSIDC acknowledges that multi-year Arctic sea ice has been increasing since 2008. Cryosphere Today acknowledges that Antarctic sea ice has been increasing for 30 years. Rutgers Global Snow Lab acknowledges that winter snow is increasing. Trenberth can’t find the missing heat. ENSO has gone negative. US hurricane strikes are at historically low levels. ACE is at historically low levels. Severe tornadoes are on the decline.

The global warming religion has nothing legitimate to hold on to, so the high priests are now trying to convince people that bad weather never used to happen. The old white males who run this religion complain that old white males are against them.


Hardnox said...

Good post. Facts are such stubborn things.

Sadly the legitimate scientists where smeared and lost their research grants.

The left and the Euro-weenies continue their AGW mantra all the while the 3rd world country dictators continue to hold their hands out for AGW reparations.

What a scam.

The Patriot said...

It is a scam. More importantly perhaps, it shows the power of media. By selective reporting, they lead uninformed people to think that if you are not an AGW proponent, you are a kook.

Reparations is the right word - kinda like Pigford settlement!
Just look at Occupy Wall Street crowd! The entitlement mentality is so apparent.

I would love some counter demonstrations by the Tea Party, but it is too peaceful a movement.
Being a hot head at times and running low on patience, sometimes I wish we could confront these unamerican leaches of the society on the streets.