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Monday, October 17, 2011

Global Leadership a la Barack and Hillary

You have got to love progressives who are not only incapable of learning from history, but make up their own in their alternate universe that no one else lives in.

Just today, Hillary said that she wants to be remembered for reasserting America as a global leader during her time in office.  Clinton said on NBC’s “Today” that the legacy she participated in during President Obama’s first term is that “we have reasserted American leadership.”
She added:
We are going to lead because America is destined to lead,” she said. “We do have to get our own house in order — our economic house, our political house — but we cannot abdicate leadership in the rest of the world.”

Excuse me madam but I would not exactly consider your and this Administration's foreign policy track record a reassertion of American leadership.  In fact, it has been pretty disastrous since the early days.  Just to point out a few inconvenient facts, under this regime:
  • We have turned our back on allies in Taiwan, Tibet, Israel, U.K., Poland, Czech Republic, Honduras, and Colombia to list just a few;
  • We have coddled dictators and similarly unsavory characters in Venezuela, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Brazil, Russia, Iran, China, Palestine, S. Arabia, and wherever Arab Spring has taken place;
  • We have given away our missile defense trump card in return for nothing;
  • Iran has practically declared victory as prime originator of state sponsored terrorism and come to the door step of acquiring nuclear weapons without a reaction from the Administration;
  • Watched as protesters in Iran who were at the margins of a would-be revolution got massacred;
  • Encouraged Islamic fundamentalism from Cairo to Tripoli to Ankara, to the capitals of Europe via words and inaction which are in tune with the President's convictions;
Well, to say the least, the Obama Administration's track record in the international arena has been so bad that even the Brits had started to wonder as early as in 2009.  They were right.  Barack and Hillary are out of their depths in just about everything they meddle in.  And that, madam, is NOT reasserting U.S. leadership by anyone's definition!





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