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Saturday, October 1, 2011

About Time: Germans Refute Arrogance of Team Obama

It was bound to happen!  Sooner or later some influential foreign leader would give us the tongue lashing we so richly deserve ever since the Obama Administration ascended to power with all its hypocrisy.  It happened earlier this week.

The latest and the most decisive affront so far came earlier this week when the German finance minister told tax cheat Tim Geithner and the Obama Administration to clean up their own mess before giving gratuitous advice advice to the EU on handling their sovereign debt crisis. Ouch!
The Administration had earlier suggested the EU bail-out machinery be boosted from its current lending limit of 440 billion euros to over 2 trillion euros. The German finance minister rightly called the idea "stupid" as the idea would endanger the credit rating of the member states.

I don't blame the Germans.  Just imagine being lectured by an incompetent who is incapable of using Turbo Tax and an Administration that has driven its credit rating and economy down when, two years in to the recovery, GDP and job growth should be strongly rebounding!  These are the same people who now lecture their counterparts abroad on the need for fiscal prudence.  As if they would know it when they saw it, let alone practiced it.

The U.S., under the Obama Administration, has been refuted on several occasions.  It all started when the IOC affronted his highness by granting the Olympics to Rio de Janeiro despite the President making a special visit to Copenhagen very early in his presidency to sway the commission's opinion in our favor.  Between then and now, several other countries have directly or indirectly insulted the Administration including the Russians,Chinese, Iranians, Cubans, and Venezuelans among others.  And why wouldn't they?  After all, the Obama Administration has back stabbed allies all over the globe including (but not limited to) Israel, Taiwan, Poland, Czech Republic, Honduras, and Colombia.  Heck, we even back stabbed dissident groups in non-friendly countries - remember the Iranian protesters who got massacred while Obama looked the other way in his haste to appease the Islamic world?

This kindergarten foreign policy will not end until these clowns are run out of office and can join the legacy of the Carter Administration for the most disastrous foreign policy in the past half a century.  You know how an anticipated event makes the time go slow?  This will be a long 13 months until the elections.  Lets hope that the reputation of the U.S. can withstand the continuous body blows.


Mrs. AL (Always Learning) said...

If I'm not mistaken, didn't this same Resident give speeches overseas stating that sometimes the U.S.of A. has displayed arrogance in the past? Hmmmm .. pot calling the kettle black sort of thing maybe?

The Patriot said...

No, you are not mistaken.
Hypocrisy galore!
After this gang is out of here, we are all going to need a long bath to cleanse ourselves from their filth.