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Sunday, July 10, 2011

The AGW Swindle: NAS Inadvertently Admits To Coal's Non-Warming Effect

Not every conspiracy is a well orchestrated effort on the part of its participants.  Some simply snowball because of the opportunities they present unscrupulous actors with.  One such case is the AGW (Anthropogenic Global Warming) movement that appeals not only to collectivists of all sorts (Marxists, Socialists, and everything in between) but also to crony capitalists who are ever-ready to capitalize on any opportunity to make money.

Man made global warming, or AGW, is potentially the swindle of the millenia that stands to cost the tax payers trillions of dollars through higher costs (of everything from utilities to every day items we consume) and taxes.  Though its main true aim is global redistribution of wealth, its masterminds stand to make literally trillions of dollars collectively.

The masterminds behind AGW are an odd consortium of shady people like Maurice Strong, former politicians like Al Gore, and entities from small green energy related companies to some of the largest corporations in the world like G.E. and the Wall Street giant Goldman Sachs

The tool these masterminds use to actuate their swindle is statist progressive politicians advancing their not-so-secret agenda, and bureaucrats (like Van Jones, Ray LaHood, and John Holdren), aided by an all-too-willing scientific community that is funded to the tune of billions of dollars world wide to carry out their misdeeds masqueraded as scientific research. 

The biggest culprit of man made global warming according to the charlatan warmists at IPCC as well as the scientific community at large is fossil fuels, led by coal.  This line of argument has been adopted by the religion that is environmentalism and become a hot button issue for Democrat party which is beholden to the green lobby (or a wholly owned subsidiary of the radical environmentalists as I like to refer to them).  Worse yet, it is precisely the current crop of Democrats who stand to benefit from their own crony green capitalist policy initiatives.

In the latest news, last week the NAS (National Academy of Sciences) published a report that explains why there has been no increases in global temperatures over the past decade or so.  The culprit, according to the NAS, is the massive amounts of coal that China has been burning thanks to its economy's explosive growth.

Coal, like other fossil fuels, puts out CO2 (carbon dioxide) which is a greenhouse gas.  However, coal also emits sulphate aerosol particles that more than counteract the greenhouse effects of its CO2 emissions. 
In other words, NAS has inadvertently admitted that fossil fuels, and coal in particular, do not cause man made global warming (as burning coal has kept temperatures lower than they would otherwise be over the past decade). 

We all know the sordid background of the man made global warming crowd that includes falsifying (temperature, ice extent and sea level) data, circulating incriminating e-mails, making dubious predictions that do not come true, using climate models that do not work, etc., etc....
Enough scandal for a prominent scientist to resign from the presidency of American Physical Society last year, along with dozens more who have reached the realization that this is a fraud to abandon the AGW movement.

Two questions come to mind as a result of this news.  First, will the Obama Administration change its mind and leave the coal industry alone now in the light of this study? 

The other question is: will the AGW proponents have the integrity to admit they are wrong about the greenhouse effects of burning coal?  Naaah, that would be too much to expect from this group of misfits.

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