"The welfare of humanity is always the alibi of tyrants" - Albert Camus

Friday, October 28, 2011

Peter Schiff Schools OWS

The great one decides to take a microphone and a camera and hit the streets of NYC.  What ensues is priceless!  The amount of ignorance these protesters demonstrate in general is mind numbing, though a few seem to be teetering at the border of reasonableness.  Capitalism is a strange notion to them, yet they could not explain why the alternative is preferable.  The interview runs a little long but it is well worth investing 18 minutes to comprehend what kind of intellectually incapable people we are dealing with.  Enjoy:



The OWS IS the ABSOLUTE definition of USEFUL IDIOTS!

Tel said...

Capitalism is a strange notion to many people... the concept that greed will result in the greater good defies intuition.

Personally I believe that a system cannot operate on greed alone. It also requires some sort of rule of law, where honesty, integrity and trustworthyness are rewarded, and where dishonesty, violence and perfidy are punished.

There's no doubt in my mind that SOME wealthy people got that way by unfairly exploiting others and engaging in corrupt behaviour (often with the help of government). However, the OWS takes this one step further and makes the assumption that ALL wealthy people are guilty, just because they are wealthy.

That is merely an attempt to bypass any lawful process and just blame people out of envy and spite.

The Patriot said...


laws that are made in the best interest of the free market system are good. It is the free market system that ideally would punish those who harm others. Greed by itself is okay as long as you are not harming anyone else.
Usually those who think greed is bad are those who think wealth is a fixed commodity; a zero sum game if you will. That is absurd in its face.

Common Snse said...

Am Pat,

Good post and nice follow-up explanation. The only thing is that I would change is the word "greed" to something less pejorative.

You know when an athlete hones his talents and lands a huge professional contract we generally don't call him "greedy." Likewise we don't call the winner of "American Idol" greedy or the next Justin Beiber.

We shouldn't treat stock brokers, bankers, and the other captains of industry any differently. I've never heard anyone call Steve Jobs "greedy" though he died with a net worth of $7 Billion.

Those captains of industry are every bit as competitive as those professional athletes but they are infinitely more valuable to the nation than a 1,000 Justin Beibers and Sam Bradfords.