"The welfare of humanity is always the alibi of tyrants" - Albert Camus

Sunday, October 16, 2011

When Does 53 Exceed 99?

The Marxist left is up to its usual tricks at OWS and other "occupations" around the U.S. as well as the globe - calling themselves the 99%.  The calls for end to capitalism, redistributing the wealth, and all sorts of new social rights are nothing one does not see at a typical anti-IMF rally or any other rally the left organizes. 

Other aspects of OWS aside, the slogan "we are 99%" is cleverly designed to let people think this movement is about everyone but the super rich; well at least until the gullible finally figure out that the 1% that is being demonized do not possess the resources necessary to satisfy neither the demands of the so-called 99% or their real plans.  The natural progression of this movement would therefore lead to a progressively larger pool of productive Americans being targeted along with the 1%
But now, there is a new - a different kind of movement that really is not a movement in a classical sense.  It is the 53%.  They are not organized in any way, nor are they on the streets; at least not yet

You, me, and all other federal income tax paying Americans are the 53% (as 47% not only pay no federal taxes but actually get tax credits from Uncle Sam.  I urge you all to go to the site and read the notes posted by the 53%.  They make me so proud to be the 53%.

By the way, as one 53%er puts it:
"I don't expect you or anyone else to finance my life style or my choices.  And if you think that a few thousand whiny babies mewling in the streets about how horrible it is to pay back student loans are 99% of the population of this country of 307 million, then you need to pay more attention in math class.  Here's a word problem for you: What is 53% of 307 million and how many streets would that many people fill up?"

That about sums it up.



Their marxist handlers think it is 1968. It ain't and WE AIN'T THE SILENT MAJORITY any more. Me personally, I'd love to take baseball bats to these vermin.

Common Snse said...

Am Pat,

Good post. I loved Ann Coulter's view of this latest foolishness:

"Contrary to all the blather you always hear about how lawless street protests and civil disobedience are part of the American tradition -- "what our troops are fighting for!" -- they are not. We are an orderly people with democratic channels at our disposal to change our government. The very reason we have a constitutional republic is because of a mob uprising. Soon after the American Revolution, Shays' Rebellion so terrified and angered Americans that they demanded a federal government capable of crushing such mobs."