"The welfare of humanity is always the alibi of tyrants" - Albert Camus

Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Single Most Dangerous Government Agency

Three simple letters E-P-A, should be enough to strike fear in to all freedom loving Americans who still believe in a society that cherishes the liberties guaranteed under our Constitution and the free market economy that allows it.

If socialism and environmentalism had a child, it would be called the Environmental Protection Agency. Established under President Nixon to ensure the quality of our air and water, it has become a tool of social engineering to implement President Obama's promised fundamental transformation of America

If you believe in this method of transforming our society, the EPA has an opening for you.  The position is "environmental protection specialist" whose job it is to help the agency meet its "environmental justice goals."

The EPA is looking for someone with "knowledge of the theories and principles of environmental protection, especially as they relate to issues of environmental justice and the impacts of environmental laws, policies, legislation and regulation on minority and/or low-income groups and communities."

The job, located in New York City, pays up to $84,000. No college degree is required — just a hatred of industry, development and fossil fuels, and a belief that minorities are the deliberate victims of capitalist exploitation.

EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson has made environmental justice an EPA priority, and in July the agency released a 56-page "guidance" to help its employees "advance environmental justice" to low-income and minority communities.

"Achieving environmental justice is an agency priority and should be factored into every decision," the document noted.

This document is a fulfillment of an executive order issued 16 years ago by President Bill Clinton directing every federal agency "to make achieving environmental justice part of its mission."

President Obama campaigned on a promise to make "environmental justice policies a priority within the EPA." That's why he picked Jones, a self-proclaimed Marxist, to be his "green jobs" czar.

The net effect of EPA and its activities has been to discourage job growth nationwide and in low-income and minority communities in particular. EPA is an active agent in the redistribution of wealth that will eventually make all of us equally poor.

We can all thank Richard Nixon for unleashing this curse on America.

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