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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

How Is That Stimulus Working For Ya?

The Department of Labor today released its latest state-by-state job report, showing state jobs and unemployment data for September 2010. This latest data, when compared with the level of jobs in February 2009, when President Obama signed Democrats’ trillion-dollar stimulus plan into law, reveals that 48 out of 50 States have lost jobs since then.

In total, over 2 million jobs have been eliminated, in contrast to the over 3 million more jobs Americans were promised if Democrats’ 2009 stimulus plan passed.

Good going.  You have got to wonder why they are proposing a second stimulus package.  I guess they have either not destroyed enough jobs, or read the latest research from their favorite liberal bastion - Harvard - that has re-confirmed for the nth time that government spending only kills private sector jobs (through diversion of resources). 

One thing for sure, Democrat motto should be "if you do not succeed at first, try and try again" no matter the outcome.  Unfortunately, it is also the definition of insanity as Albert Einstein put it.

And, ah, just don't hold your breath for the MSM to point any of this out less than two weeks before their guys are up for election.  Crickets of Obamamedia are chirping a different tune as usual.

P.S.  Isn't it amazing that it is these same socialists, masquerading as progressive liberals, who say wealth creation is a zero sum game; yet when it comes to diverting a trillion dollars from the private sector, that ill concieved notion is never mentioned.

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