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Friday, October 29, 2010

9th Circuit Court: The Biggest Threat To Our Constitutional Republic

Yesterday's 9th Circuit Court of Appeals decision to strike down Arizona's Proposition 200 (circa 2004), that requires proof of citizenship in order to vote, cements once again the reputation of the San Francisco court as being uber-liberal and anti-American.

The left, folks, is determined to blur the lines between American sovereignty and open-border, one world government socialism they long for.  Judiciary and the education system are the most effective ways of accomplishing what seems to be an impossible task politically since there are simply not enough progressive liberals in America.  My previous posts have pointed out to just a few examples of such subversion at our schools as well as courts.

This is a very sinister, yet effective, method touted by (and clearly adopted by our current administration) likes of Van Jones, Tides Foundation (which seems to have its hands in everything politically progressive), and going back in history, from 19th century Fabian Socialists (which the American progressive movement's roots are directly tied to) to Saul Alinsky, to our president's childhood mentor Frank Marshall Davis.

Laws like Prop. 200 are absolutely necessary to preserve the integrity of American elections.  For example, Prop. 200 itself had led to over 30,000 illegals registering to vote during its first four years of implementation. 

The radical left agenda of socializing America in the image of European social democracies is a no starter as a political agenda, and the left knows this very well.  This is the exact reason Obama ran on a different agenda (though he gave plenty of signals of his commitment to the Marxist philosophy which were largely ignored by the all-too-willing media) than his actual policies later showed him to be.  Consequently, Democrats are at the brink of a bloodbath in next week's elections - the very proof that Americans don't take kindly to progressive liberal policies.

How this ties in to the significance of the 9th circuit court decision does not take a big intellectual leap to deduce.  Anyone who knows American electoral history knows the prominence of election fraud in American politics (most recent example of which is the election of Sen. Franken, (D-MN) in  2008) 

In recent elections, including this one, we have reaped what we have sewn, with groups like Acorn flooding the system with fraudulent registrations, felons voting and people going to the polls to vote for one candidate only to find the computer screen has already cast a ballot for the other or to find someone has already cast a ballot, absentee or otherwise, in their name.

Any action, legislative or judicial, to weaken laws aimed at eliminating election fraud plays directly in to the hands of the same ideology that would love nothing better than a Fabian socialist society in the U.S.

Voting should be hard. It should require you to show up physically on Election Day and prove you are who you say you are.  It's a solemn civic duty that is the bedrock of our democracy.  The sanctity of the ballot box and the integrity of our electoral process is threatened by those who think voting is just another form of entitlement.

The numerous jurisdictions where even illegals can vote, (or where such initiatives are on the ballot this time around) not only cheapen the priviledge of being a U.S. citizen, but are designed purposefully to facilitate what cannot be accomplished politically - the social democratization of America.

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