"The welfare of humanity is always the alibi of tyrants" - Albert Camus

Friday, October 15, 2010

Perspectives Of A Russian Immigrant

My remarks:

Totalitarianism is ever and always a leftist phenomenon-since their specious ideas can never stand the light of day; they must rely on coercion to implement them as policies.  Home of these policies in America is none other than the Democrat party.  Take for example the individual mandate in the so-called Healthcare Reform Act of 2010, which Democrats cry, is a tax levied on individuals (therefore constitutional).  In reality, it's an obvious unconstitutional coercion which will be challenged and hopefully defeated in SCOTUS.

The following is the latest from a series of articles in Investor Business Daily written by a Russian immigrant - Svetlana Kunin.  She has a great perspective on the current state of affairs in our country.


Old egalitarian economic theories that advocate increased state control continue to feed power-hungry opportunists and brainwashed intelligentsia, many of whom do not even know the source of their "new" ideas. They condescend toward "unwashed" critical and independent thinkers, entrepreneurs, concerned parents and common-sense Americans.

These supposedly educated people view their social and historical myopia as a sign of sophistication and intelligence. Those who value uniquely American individual liberties are regarded as stupid and backward.

But for many of us who escaped from centrally planned societies, these elites are an ignorant bunch, brainwashed by the brainwashed, with an astoundingly narrow vision. Preoccupied with their status and image, these blinded sophisticates are ungrateful for the blessings they enjoy due to the simple fact that they were lucky enough to be born in the USA.

It is hard to believe Americans would blindly follow their political leaders, teachers and agitators into transforming this country toward a society similar to where I came from, where people are locked into a vision imposed onto them by the state.

In closed, authoritarian societies, the brainwashing of the population is achieved by subordinating schools, media and arts to an officially approved ideology; suppressing dissent; jamming of outside sources of information, and sealing the borders to citizens inside the country.

These same citizens are taught to believe that their country is the most compassionate, superior society on the planet.

In the USA, information is available for those who are curious and can think. Obama is replacing America's economic system with state control and reliance on the government. He is doing this because his supporters are brainwashed into believing that their country is inferior, intolerant and unjust and must be transformed.

Was it Michael Moore and his movie about the great Cuban health care system who convinced millions of Americans that their country needs to be transformed?

Or Thomas Friedman, writing columns in the New York Times about China's great engineering projects, built by slaves to the state, as they were in ancient Egypt or Rome?

Was it the university professors, living in their tenured comfort, preaching to their students an imaginary reality, pining for a European welfare model that is in the process of disintegration?

I've seen the future Obama is talking about, and it is hopeless.

Our main motivation for emigrating from the USSR was the desire to protect our children from discrimination and a hope for a better future. Americans who care about future of their children don't need to emigrate — they need to vote in November to stop Democrats from transforming free people into subservient masses.

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