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Friday, October 1, 2010

A Follow Up: Trumka's Leftism

I pointed out the mind blowing radicalism of what passes as today's left in my earlier post "Presidents Allies Showing Their True Colors".  Here is an worthwhile editorial from IBD that does the same.


A union chief wants the public to take over private business. Some speak for a generation. Trumka speaks for the intellectually and morally corrupt bloc on the left.

'We need," AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka said last week, "to fundamentally restructure our economy and re-establish popular control over the private corporations which have distorted our economy and hijacked our government. That's a long-term job, but one we should start now."

Speaking last Friday in New York at a panel discussion, "Which Way for the Working Class? Elections 2010 and Beyond," Trumka told a group of about 400 that organized labor had to "recapture the moment and take control of the national conversation."

Trumka is just one man. He's not a public official and does not directly vote on government policy. But he does have influence.

The AFL-CIO has more than 11 million members belonging to 56 unions. Millions will accept his Leninist creed as legitimate.

Trumka speaks for a political bloc. What he said publicly is what most Democrats, modern liberals and self-identified progressives privately believe but won't say in public.

The political left wants to appear to be moderate, middle of the road. But its goals conflict with the founding principles of this country, principles that have brought freedom and prosperity never seen in human history. The political left wants to destroy this.

For all its rhetoric about defending the working class, fairness and justice, the political left is about power. In Friday's rant, Trumka condemned the political climate stirred up by the Tea Party and Fox News as a "dead-end choice between the failed agenda of greed and the voices of hate and division and violence."

He conveniently left out organized labor's record of deadly violence and shameful corruption — and the left's promotion of both.

Trumka's party isn't a party of choice. It's a party of central planning, of managing the lives of 305 million Americans from Washington and 50 state capitals because, according to the left's worldview, the average person isn't able to manage his own affairs.

There's nothing liberating about modern liberals. The policies they support — from national health care to higher taxes to CO2 limits to state seizure of private property — are always imposed by force. Those who refuse soon get a taste of government authority.

It's the code of the hard left, built on jealousy and hate — a formula Trumka and others will use to rally a party that's in mortal fear of losing its political power on Nov. 2.

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