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Friday, October 8, 2010

More Outrage From The Cabinet

That socialist piece of trash (I know, you will say which one...), better known as Labor Secretary Hilda Solis, ended disclosure of the lavish perks enjoyed by his Big Labor Boss supporters. But this should come as little surprise as in a speech last year to the AFL-CIO, Solis tacitly acknowledged that she has turned the U.S. Labor Department over to them.

The Obama Labor Department has been positioning themselves to rollback changes to the congressionally mandated union financial disclosure reports for unions with receipts of $250,000 plus.

The specific disclosures rescinded, among other things, exposed labor boss perks like John Sweeney’s alleged million dollar payment in 2000. Now, Big Labor Union Bosses who receive special payments can continue to hide these payments from workers who are forced to subsidize them.

In eliminating the regulation, several Obama Administration appointees likely violated Obama’s Executive Order 13490 that prohibits appointee involvement in regulations that impact their former employer or clients. 

DOL Secretary Hilda Solis (former treasurer of Big Labor front group American Rights At Work), Deputy Solicitor of Labor Deborah Greenfield (who was a named litigator in a lawsuit filed by the AFL-CIO to strike down the rule that DOL now intends to rescind), and Deputy Asst. Secretary John Lund (Lund, a former Big Labor trainer and consultant to the AFL-CIO, signed the current proposed) are no doubt deeply involved in the Labor Department’s recent proposed regulation that would:

1) Eliminate reporting of special employer payments to union officers and other union officials like shop stewards,

2) Exclude union stewards from conflict of interest altogether,

3) Eliminate reporting of certain loans to union officials, like loans from union operated credit unions,

4) Eliminate disclosure of any money that union officials may receive surreptitiously from union trusts like strike funds, vacation funds, slush funds etc., and

5) Redefine the word “employer” so that it excludes any labor unions that have employees.

No matter how you evaluate these current changes, the Department’s proposed rule is a huge benefit to union bosses but a big loser for the rank-and-file worker who in many instances must pay dues and fees to the union to keep their jobs.

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