"The welfare of humanity is always the alibi of tyrants" - Albert Camus

Friday, July 22, 2011

You Are No Reagan, Mr. Obama!

Isn't it sort of funny - in a sick, twisted way of course - how the left and the President has been invoking President Reagan's name in the debate about raising the debt limit?!  The same president they love to impune!  Reagan knew the art of compromise, they say.  Congressional Republicans should learn from him, they shamelessly add. 

You are no Reagan, Mr. Obama, thus it would be a waste of time and effort to try to sway your staunchly collectivist ideology and Alinskyite tactics of lying about and ridiculing your enemies.  You lie, lie, and lie some more; and with the help of your media whore pals paint a picture that is as removed from reality as your pathetic collectivist ideology.

You lie that President Reagan believed in the proper role of government as it pertains to intervening in the economy; that he was not a small government advocate.  He was and fought for it as hard as he could against a Congress dominated by staunch progressives. 

You lie that he raised taxes more than any other modern day president.  On the balance, he did not.  When he came in to office, the top marginal tax rate was 70%; when he left office eight years later, the top rate was 28%!  Yes, he signed the 1983 bill raising social security withholding and did away with certain corporate and individual tax preferences in order to rescue social security and level the playing field, leading to freer competition.  Even at that, the revenues to the treasury, which nearly doubled during his tenure, were spent and then some by the progressive do-gooders in the Congress.

You lie that his support for debt limit increases were unwavering.  It was not.  He was for a balanced budget amendment which he could not force the Democrat congress to even vote on.  You are not.

President Reagan was a fiscal conservative who thoroughly understood the evils of progressive liberalism.  You, sir, make European socialists blush with envy.  And, contrary to your claim, FDR was no fiscal conservative - quite to the contrary, he was the first socialist president of the U.S.; possibly only to be outdone by you.

No, you are not even remotely Reaganesque, Mr President!

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Tenth Generation Patriot said...

Great stuff, however, I disagree on FDR being the first socialist President. I believe that honor goes to Woodrow Wilson.