"The welfare of humanity is always the alibi of tyrants" - Albert Camus

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Republican Establishment Vs. The TEA Party

Rick Santelli's rant might have gone a long way toward igniting the fuse that launched the TEA Party movement in earnest, but in reality small, constitutional government conservatives from all political persuasions including some Democrats who are obviously delusional about their party and many Independents had been boiling inside ever since the G. W. Bush days of reckless spending.  It goes without saying that G.W.B. had a lot of help from Democrats who were swept in to power in 2006.  However, it is also wise to remember that one must fear the enemy he doesn't know more than the one he does.

Whether it was G.W.B. or, as is now, establishmentarian Republicans like Senators McConnell, McCain, or Snowe among too many others to mention by name, big government RINOs who are anything but fiscal conservatives are just as guilty as Democrats and other progressives in bringing the U.S. to the brink of insolvency.

The House of Representatives did its part to change direction in this financial fiasco by passing Cut, Cap, and Balance yesterday - a plan that clearly cuts spending in the immediate future, caps the government spending at just under 20% of the GDP, and seeks congressional approval for a Balanced Budget Amendment to be sent to the states.  As expected the plan promptly got demagogued by the left, which accused it of cutting off seniors from Medicare which it clearly does not.  The competing Republican/Democrat plans,  whether it is the McConnell plan or the Gang of Six plan , do absolutely nothing to alter the disastrous course we have embarked on.

Regardless of Cut, Cap, and Balance's chances of passing the Senate - not to mention Obama's promise to veto it - the Senate Republicans owe America an up or down vote.  This worthy plan is not only perhaps our last best chance for salvation, but a necessity to show up our disgraceful president for who he is: A demagogue.  The same guy who last year said we could not raise taxes in the middle of a recession is now using class warfare as a weapon although we are in just as precarious a situation as were then.

What will play out over the next two weeks in this debate well may be the ultimate show-down between the establishment and the Tea Party, and who wins will also determine whether America wins or loses.

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