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Friday, July 8, 2011

Guess Who Asked Koch Brothers For Campaign Donation...

You can file this one under "nerves of steel", or perhaps even "the dumbest political move ever".

As everyone knows by now, billionaire Koch brothers are ardent supporters of free markets and the Tea Party movement.  As such, they have been under constant attack by progressive groups that dominate the left wing of the political spectrum as well as the Democrat Party.  Who can forget what sounded like a thinly veiled threat by the White House which apparently somehow obtained confidential tax information on Koch Industries last year.

Well, fast forward to June, 2011 and Democrats seem to have either forgotten who Koch brothers are or in utter disarray to the point that they do not know what they are doing.  Senator Patty Murray (D - WA) who is the Chairwoman of DSCC (Democrat Senatorial Campaign Committee) apparently first sent a letter and then left a voice message at Koch Companies asking for a generous campaign donation.

Here is the hilarious response from the Koch Companies:

Senator Patty Murray, Chair

Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee

Dear Senator Murray:

For many months now, your colleagues in the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee leadership have engaged in a series of disparagements and ad hominem attacks about us, apparently as part of a concerted political and fundraising strategy. Just recently, Senator Reid wrote in a DSCC fundraising letter that Republicans are trying to “force through their extreme agenda faster than you can say ‘Koch Brothers.’”

So you can imagine my chagrin when I got a letter from you on June 17 asking us to make five-figure contributions to the DSCC. You followed that up with a voicemail* indicating that, if we contributed heavily enough, we would garner an invitation to join you and other Democratic leaders at a retreat in Kiawah Island this September.

I’m hoping you can help me understand the intent of your request because it’s hard not to conclude that DSCC politics have become so cynical that you actually expect people whom you routinely denounce to give DSCC money.

It is troubling that private citizens taking part in the discourse have become the targets of White House and DSCC fundraising missives, and we would certainly encourage you to rethink that approach. Ultimately, I expect voters will see through that and will weigh the issues on the merits alone. But in the meantime, if you could provide me some insight on what exactly you are asking of us and why, I would be most grateful.


Philip Ellender
President, Government & Public Affairs
Koch Companies Public Sector, LLC

Now, I wonder if the desperation level at the DSCC is so high that they will even approach those whom they villify, or are all Democrats incompetent as we are reminded day in and day out by this Administration and Democrats in the Congress?!


Hardnox said...

Nice post! The dims are practicing the classic extortion game - "Give us your money and we'll stop talking trash about you until the next time we need money". Al Sharpton has done it for decades.

Sadly this game has worked. Good to see the Koch brothers are not playing.

The Patriot said...


thanks. I enjoy your blog posts as well.

Unfortunately too many so called conservatives get intimidated easily. Their reputation in the media is more important to them than their honor. A sad statement but true.
God bless you. Keep up the good work.