"The welfare of humanity is always the alibi of tyrants" - Albert Camus

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Simply Disgraceful...

Over my 34 years of living in the U.S., I thought I had seen it all as far as presidential disappointments go.  I witnessed President Carter let the free world down by conceding to unfriendly nations from Iran to the U.S.S.R. as well as letting the American public down with domestic policies that allowed stagflation to inflict great suffering.  I watched President Clinton lie under oath as the nation witnessed a political theater surrounding a sex scandal worthy of Italy or France play out.  I agonized over policies unworthy of a so-called conservative President - George W. Bush - such as Medicare Part D and strengthening the EPA and other governmental agencies that have a stranglehold on America; and watched as he, in his own ironic words, "destroyed the free markets in order to save it".   However, until Barack Obama became the President, I never thought we would have to live through such an unparalleled deceitful, corrupt, and arrogant presidency befitting more a delusional mental patient than the President of the U.S.A. 

Although we spent the last two and a half years witnessing one scandal after another by an executive branch that is fitting only for a banana republic, last night's (un)presidential speech was perhaps the most disgraceful event of the last 30 agonizing months for anyone who loves this country. 

Obama started his speech by, as usual, passing the buck and blaming it all on the previous Administration.  He promptly continued by scaring the most vulnerable of the society - the seniors and the poor.  To cement his well deserved unpresidential image, he called out his political opposition as unreasonable and radical and blamed them as the sole reason for the "stalemate" over spending and the national debt.  It would not be so ironic if under his presidency the deficits had not grown from a high of $400 billion in 2008 to $1.4 trillion in each of the following years; and under his Democrat party the national debt had not grown $5.2 trillion in 5 short years to $14.3 trillion.

The speech was class warfare and fear mongering at its best.  In order to justify his wishes (tax increases and a long term raising of the debt ceiling which is akin to handing him a blank check), he again compared himself to Reagan by invoking deceitfully his words. 

Obama’s class warfare rhetoric has become even more stale.   The small group of top income earners, who pay the majority of all taxes, are told once again that they’re not “paying their fair share.” How are we supposed to have some sort of rational discussion about the size and role of government, when Obama and his ilk keep peddling these tired old fairy tales? 

“Let’s seize this moment to show why the United States of America is still the greatest nation on Earth,” Obama implored. “Not just because we can still keep our word and meet our obligations, but because we can still come together as one nation.”   Except for those “wealthiest Americans” who “aren’t paying their fair share,” I suppose. They won’t be “coming together” with the rest of us, because they’re hated class enemies, and we need to seize their property by force.  Plus, whatever happened to "we can't raise taxes in the middle of a recession" as Obama uttered last year?  Back then, he seemed to comprehend that there is no economic thought - be it capitalist, socialist, Marxist, or whatever - that even remotely suggests that you can grow an economy and foster job creation by raising taxes on the producers of the society.

Obama's record-breaking, economy-crushing deficits were necessary, because they were “emergency spending” to save the middle class according to him.   Since every single prediction Obama made about the economy at the beginning of his term is verifiably false, and his unemployment rates are higher than what he said we would be facing without his massive “stimulus” boondoggle, it’s hard to believe anyone would take this worn-out excuse seriously.

During the speech, he alluded to "compromise" time and time again.  Excuse me?  The President seems to have a case of amnesia, but we remember well him sneering “I won” when Republicans wanted some input into that stimulus bill, or telling audiences that “the people who got us into this mess” shouldn’t “do a lot of talking right now.”

In short, this was a campaign speech dressed up as an address to the public despite having no solutions to offer.  Through the complexity of the debt limit and budget issue the President has revealed very little understanding or competence appearing to only be interested in getting the matter behind him so he can have a second term.

Obama realizes that he and his party are headed for a memorable defeat in 2012.  As such, he must vilify the opposition and make them a party to the disaster he and his party has brought on by getting them to compromise on further economy wrecking policies.  Will the Republicans fall for it?  My bet is, yes as there are only about a hundred Tea Party Republicans in the Congress.  I hope I am wrong!

Try as he did, Obama fooled only a few people on Monday.  At this point in his presidency and in this debt ceiling debate, he is irrelevant and marginalized despite his pathetic attempts.  The danger is that as this Administration becomes more marginalized it will take more desperate measures to try to prove its status, value and relevance as demonstrated by the scare tactics they are currently resorting to. Don’t be surprised if the Administration delays checks being sent out to get the public upset, after all it was Rahm Emanuel who said “never fail to take advantage of a good crisis.”



Obama is like a malignant tumor on the ass of America. He needs to be removed ASAP and many in his regime need to be put on trial.

Hardnox said...

He is indeed the sorriest excuse for a POTUS in our history. Too bad the 48% of us who did not vote for the clown need to suffer for the stupidity of the 52% who didn't bother to check this guy out.

Many of us predicted the absolute disaster that zero would be. None of us thought that he would be this bad.

BTW, nice post.

The Patriot said...

Thanks guys. Keep up the great work yourselves.

Tenth Generation Patriot said...

If Obama and his "people" don't write SS checks and pay the troops and veterans, it will be time to remove them from office. They have 200 billion coming in every month, surely they can pay essential bills. The first checks to go on the chopping block should be Obama's and Congress'. And they shouldn't get another check until they balance the budget.

-Sepp said...

Scaring the hell out of the proletariat has aqlways been the preferred tool of rotten little regimes to get what they want from the people.

Class envy works great on idiots because they never imagine that the person who is being taxed for success is going to pass the additional cost right back down to the idiots who cheered their higher taxes.

And, when prices rise, the peasants will just blame the store they purchase from for being "greedy".

Because of that, the democraps escape the blame.
They're free to exploit the poor's envy of the rich due to the poor's ignorance of simple economics.

The Patriot said...

Thus it may be necessary for a second American revolution to take place.