"The welfare of humanity is always the alibi of tyrants" - Albert Camus

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Union Outrage

Unions are supposedly there to look out for their members' interests.  They like to project a humane image - that is until you look deeper in to what they really stand for.

Here is the latest from Detroit.  What would you say if you found out someone was taking money - without permission - from medicaid checks meant for disabled children?  Well, it's happening to thousands of families all over Michigan right now. This money is being deducted automatically by a state agency and given directly to a union, the Service Employees International Union (SEIU).

Whether they like it or not, these people are classified as state employees because they provide care for their children, who would have otherwise ended up in a nursing home. Each month, they see a portion of their Medicaid checks siphoned off to a union that provides them with no benefits. One couple says they've tried to get out, but to no avail.  Here is their sad but typical story:

Everything about labor unions like the SEIU and the AFL/CIO is outrageous in that they are run by avowed Marxists, compel workers to join them if they work in a union shop or in a field that is unionized, and support only Democrats with literally hundreds of millions of dollars in campaign cash regardless of their members' political views and wishes.

Never mind the fact that unions are a relic from the past with no present day use, and that they represent less than 15% of the labor force -- they wield great political power over Democrat Party politics.  Passage of Issue 2 in Ohio, which effectively overturned the Kasich bill that limited the collective bargaining powers of State employees, demonstrated what money and organization can accomplish when too many are clueless about the ruthlessness and radicalism of labor unions.



Check out Rand Paul's petition AGAINST unions and sign it.

Unions are scum and I found out how foul they were as a union carpenter many years ago. Corrupt.

Hardnox said...

Thanks for posting this information. The more daylight on these vermin the better.

Common Snse said...


Good catch and Great Post. A Marine buddy and I went down to the Occupy DC outrage and handed out US Constitutions to the occupiers the other day. A couple of them were wearing "Transport Workers Union" slickers. I asked the guy if he was a union member and he said no - but the union had provided the ponchos and they were letting them shower at the AFL-CIO headquarters down the street.

The Washington Times reports that the unions are helping to sustain the Occupy movement - nice huh? They are like a Fifth Column helping to destroy the Nation:


Buck said...

This should have gone to "Hardnox" blog.

pepperhawkfarm said...


Good to let everyone know about Rand Paul's petition. He's about the only one you can trust up there. I love that guy. When I email him I don't get form letters from him. I get personal messages. Unheard of!

Rand has petitions out almost every day over one issue or another. He is one of the only ones up there looking out for us.

Tel said...

In Australia we have Craig Thomson; used to be head of the Health Services Union and got caught spending something in the ballpark of $100k of the member's money on things like prostitutes and expensive dinners.

So one Clever-Dick interviewer asked him to explain himself and Thomson made up a story that some "other guy" really spent the money. Well it happens to be fraud in New South Wales for anyone to use a credit card other than the person named on the card. The police investigated this "other guy" and discovered that no such person exists. Thomson spent the money himself.

Meanwhile, back at the Health Services Union, five years worth of financial and accounting records strangely went missing, making it difficult to investigate where the member's money actually went, and why. It's not a crime in NSW to visit a prostitute and so far they haven't found anything to pin on the guy (but they are still looking).

The current union boss, Kathy Jackson, who has cooperated with police in order to investigate the loss of member's money (i.e. an ethical person, doing her job), has received a death threat in the form of a dirty shovel left overnight on her front door (as in, "you are digging you own grave") and one of the branches has even moved to censure her.

It gets worse: Craig Thomson got himself into Parliament with a juicy ALP pre-selection and is now a member of our Federal Government. The government has declared that it fully believes him when he denies the allegations!

Common Snse said...


That sounds like Chicago! Generally unions in America blow themselves up along with the industry they have attached themselves to leech-like. Private sector union membership is at an all time low in America.

Our problem now is public sector unions. We're working on that.