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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Smart Power: Some Are Apparently Smarter Than Others

Hillary Clinton is fond of saying that this is the era of "smart power" - that under this Administration being a non aggressive approach to national and global security threats around the world.  Regimes in countries like Iran and N. Korea live outside the boundaries set by international laws.  As such, they are willing to go to any lengths to achieve their fanatical goals.  Using smart power, which is the combination of diplomatic, economic, military, political, legal, and cultural tools available, works when dealing with law abiding nations.  Otherwise, it is a little like asking a hardened criminal to pretty please not commit any more crimes - unrealistic!

Diplomatic incompetents that they are, this Administration has only been successful in alienating our allies across the globe - from Taiwan to Colombia, with many more in between.  One of those nations is Israel - the very country that Iran and every Middle Eastern terrorist outfit have sworn to annihilate. 

While the U.S. has been busy using "smart power" around the globe, Iran has come to the doorstep of producing their first nuclear warhead.  Coupled with their existing missile technology, Iran is potentially only months away from carrying out their threat.  As such, Iran is expecting a preemptive attack from Israel any day now.  So, what is Iran doing in part to deal with this threat, you might wonder?  Simple.  Using "smart diplomacy".  They have been actively supporting the Occupy movement since its beginnings to try and turn public opinion against Israel and the U.S.

Hillary Clinton's "smart diplomacy", though involving abandoning our allies, apparently does not include bringing down a terrorist government by supporting its people against it.  The whole world watched in 2009 as the Iranian regime crushed the democracy movement in Iran by massacring its citizens on the streets.  The mostly youthful protesters waited in vain for support from the U.S. whom they undoubtedly viewed as the leader of the free world. 

Contrasting Iranian Support for OWS to Obama Non-Support for Iranian Protesters, it becomes painfully clear who the diplomatic novices are.  Lets hope that the price we have to pay for this foolishness is not too steep.

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Hardnox said...

Good post. I submit that any price will be too high since this mess in Iran could have been prevented or at the very worst forestalled.

The inability or willful ignorance by this administration in world affairs could fill a library already.

Israel will most definitely protect itself. The howls from the left will be deafening and oil prices will skyrocket.