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Friday, November 4, 2011

Hilarious and Outrageous News Items

As usual, the week was so full of (sad but nevertheless) hilarious and outright outrageous news stories that I cannot convey them all.  Here are just a few highlights:

OWS Protesters Turn Down Jobs (Video):

Now that you have probably peed your pants from laughing, here are some outrageous news capsules:

Wisconsin teacher takes 4th graders to union sponsored anti-Walker protest.  Yes America, that is what your 10 year olds are learning in our esteemed public schools.  Here is the video:

I am sure, let alone being disciplined, the teacher in question will end up being commended by NEA, AFT, and the school board.

EPA chief Lisa Jackson calls Republicans "jack-booted thugs".  Yes, you have not read wrong.  An Obama administration official, under whom the rule of law has been regularly circumvented and court decisions disregarded, calls Republicans thugs!  It is the same person who does not know how much CO2 particles are in the atmosphere but is nevertheless willing to kill businesses and the economy; the same person who is getting ready to implement the EPA dust rule that will start regarding farm dust as pollutant and regulate it at prohibitive costs to our farmers.....

The federal debt jumps $203 billion in October.  That is at a record rate of $2.44 trillion on an annual basis.  Can you say Greece?

Finally, the efforts to bring down Herman Cain are intensifying.  Politico - a left wing outfit co-founded by the Washington Post - has already done over 90 stories on the so-called harassment, while other MSM outlets have been covering what is essentially a "he said, she said" as a scandal that should put Bill Clinton's real scandals with Paula Jones, Jennifer Flowers, etc. to shame.  Again, where were all these outlets when candidate Obama was running for the Presidency with enough baggage to fill a freight train?

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