"The welfare of humanity is always the alibi of tyrants" - Albert Camus

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

One Hot Car

Ahhh...the Chevy Volt.....or better known as the official (green) car of the Obama Administration; the one that is manufactured by G(overnment).M. which is a ward of the state itself (at a cost of tens of billions of dollars -- not only GM has paid back some of its loans with stimulus moneys -- translation: not paid back -- but need I remind you that we own over 500 million GM shares with a cost basis of $53 while the current stock price is at $20 thanks to the company's disastrous flirtation with hair brained green ideas like the Volt).

Yes, the indisputable verdict is in!  Detroit's hottest car is the Chevy Volt.  In fact, it is so hot that the darn thing catches on fire!

Now, if this was a Toyota or any other car (with the exception of a Chrysler), the NTSB and every other agency charged with "consumer safety" would be clamoring for a piece of the company but, lest we forget, anything that reflects badly on GM is as an extension a bad reflection on the policies of Obama Administration therefore must be covered up by the bureaucracy as well as the media!  So, do not expect investigations to result in massive recalls or anything like that (though with sales figures ranging in low hundreds, that would be the smallest recall in automotive history)!

And yes, the Volt - just like Solyndra and countless other green failures - is a great symbol for this Administration's amply demonstrated incompetence.  Now, who would oppose more government spending in their right minds?


Tenth Generation Patriot said...


I'm gonna run right out and get one - are batteries sold separately?

The Patriot said...


I am sure for you the Obama Administration would make an exception.