"The welfare of humanity is always the alibi of tyrants" - Albert Camus

Friday, August 26, 2011

U.K.: The Manifestation of Progressive Policies

Two weeks ago, crowds of mostly youthful offenders looted and burned private property all around the U.K.  Listening to their words was enough to make their mindset crystal clear to outside observers.  One such sentiment uttered by a looter was: "Nobody is doing nothing for us — not the politicians, not the cops, no one."

What is behind such disenfranchisement by minorities and whites alike?  The U.K. as a western European democracy provides the tools and the opportunity necessary for these protesters to lead fruitful lives, one might think.  But is that enough?  Apparently not.

No.  What we have been witnessing in the U.K., Greece, France, and elsewhere in the European social democracies is the failure of a social experiment gone awfully wrong.  It is the failure of the welfare state which slowly but surely kills the human spirit.  It is the expected manifestation of progressive policies that gradually replaces productive members of the society with leaches who are encouraged by the state to live off the backs of those who have not yet lost their humanity.  It is the fruition of irresponsible immigration policies that let anyone in but do not require them to assimilate in to their host culture.

The shameful tragedy that was recently played out in the U.K. and elsewhere in Europe should be a warning to the U.S.  The entitlement societies of Europe, created by the extensive welfare states built on foundations of Marxism, are not that far off from where we stand here in America. 


kitman3 said...

Can you believe:

1/5 of the kids live in homes where NO adults work.
1/10 of the adult population has not done a days work since Tony Blair took office 5/1/1997

Here the flash mobs are the same kind of coddled entitlement youth with no skin the the game and our DOJ ignores them instead opting to bust Gibson Guitar

The Patriot said...


That is because the DOJ and this Administration want chaos. How else are they going to destroy America so a glorious Marxist country can rise out of the ashes like a phoenix?