"The welfare of humanity is always the alibi of tyrants" - Albert Camus

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Along With Perry, Here Comes the Race Card

Team Obama is leaving nothing to chance.  When a politician has virtually no success to point to, he can do one of two things: take the honorable route and not run for office again, or attack his opposition in the most vile ways imaginable.  Since Obama and his minions practically wrote the book on putting Alinskyite techniques to practice, the choice for the President is crystal clear.

The on-and-off race card has been revived ever since Rick Perry entered the race.  What better opportunity than when your potential opponent is southern, white, Christian, and a conservative?  It is a marriage made in heaven if you are an Alinsky loving progressive; and this bunch most certainly is!

The stooges of the Administration in media like Ed Schultz and Chris Matthews, who are like cheap booty calls waiting by their phones to please their sugar daddies, would normally be the smart choice for leading the attack but this bunch is not even that smart.  Although we have already heard baseless charges from liberal punditry (see Schultz' selective editing of Perry's "black cloud" remarks, and Matthews' disparaging portrayal of Perry's defense of Federalism), quite a few Democrat politicians like Maxine Waters and Charlie Rangel have not been able to resist the urge to paint likes of Rick Perry and the Tea Party with the broad brush of racism themselves. 

It is all part and parcel of being a progressive.  When your intellectual capabilities cannot rise above that of a ten-year old, you must adhere to Alinskyite tactics to win over sheeple with the attention span of five year olds.  And it is a little ironic coming from the side of the ideology (and political party) that practically invented and advanced slavery and racism throughout their existence.

It was not the Republican party (or is not the conservative ideology) that fought for slavery tooth and nail.  It was not the Republicans who started the KKK and every other racist organization.  It was not the conservatives who protested and resisted civil rights for minorities.  It was not the Republicans who voted against civil rights legislation in droves, which had to pass with their votes.  And more importantly, it is not the conservative ideology that keeps slavery of human soul alive today, as I cannot describe followers of an ideology that robs individuals of their initiative and individualism as being anything other than modern day slave masters.

Democrats and self described progressives... take a good look at your selves in the mirror!  The image that you see is what an intellectually dishonest racist looks like.


Tenth Generation Patriot said...

You nailed it. Dems are mean spirited idiots.


The more the Dems play that worn out old marked card, the LESS Americans are listening to it. Obama WILL pull 40% of the vote, between blacks and hardcore libtards but that is it. It is ALL about the turnout and limiting the democrat voter fraud.