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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Just Another Typical Week in Obama's Amerika

What makes conservative bloggers' job difficult in Obama's America is the sheer volume of newsworthy (though mostly unreported by the whorish media) events.  This past week was no different, so here we go.

The highlight (or lowlight if you prefer) of the week was the announcement on Thursday by the White House that backdoor amnesty we have been speculating about is officially here.  After the Obama administration was informed on Tuesday that major latino groups were unhappy with his inaction and further learned that the president has bled nearly 40% of his Hispanic support (coupled with his new low approval of 39% according to Gallup), Homeland Security (Secretary Janet Napolitano) announced unless you are a criminal, you have not only nothing to fear and the Administration will even go out of its way to secure work visas for you.  Of course, not that entering the country illegally is a crime or anything like that! 
What makes this action doubly outrageous is that U.S. Congress voted down the Dream Act that would have provided just such amnesty.  In other words, to heck with the Constitution, we have ourselves a third world dictator in the White House.

A close second in the outrageous news department was another executive order signed on Thursday.  With the stroke of a pen, our benevolent dictator ordered 'diversification' of the federal workforce - you know, the one of which 34% is comprised of minorities and 44% women!  Welcome back affirmative action!  I guess in these days of LGBT sensitivity training in the military and the CIA, nothing should surprise us!

Again on Thursday, we found out that the first family arrived at their $40,000 a week vacation rental at ultra liberal Matha's Vineyard on two separate planes within three hours of each other.  No surprise here: shared sacrifice during this time of high unemployment, rising inflation, dropping stock market, trillion dollar deficits, etc... is for common folks only.  The king must do as he wishes.

Just as you thought nothing else could have happened on Thursday, voila - a new not-so-shocking revelation!  Judicial Watch released their findings from their FOIA request of HHS documents that Secretary Sebelius' gang was instrumental in violating the Hatch Act last November when the department spent over one million taxpayer dollars promoting Obamacare in coordination with the 2010 mid-term elections.  Surely a would be scandal for anyone else other than this bunch of gangsters in D.C.!  It is amazing what you can get away with when the media whores are propping you up.

Then, we had our esteemed Secretary of Agriculture come out and declare that 44 million Americans on food stamps is really a good thing because - get this - it creates jobs.  The progressive mindset is an amazingly confounding thing to watch!  He is just the latest progressive whiz kid to spew this kind of nonsense, following in the footsteps of Mrs. Pelosi, Mr. Reed, and of course, the President himself.
As Jeannie DeAngelis puts it succinctly:  Barack Obama’s detractors are wrong about him being clueless on the issue of jobs and the economy. The President does have a plan. The Obama administration is doing all they can to get as many people as possible on economy-stimulating government-funded entitlement programs like AFDC, housing assistance, school lunch programs, low-income energy aid, and of course unemployment insurance and food stamps, all of which promise to have the US economy and job market booming in no time.

Talking about progressive policies creating jobs, we cannot forget that fountain of scientific knowledge (sarcastically speaking of course) Rep. Ed Markey (Jackass - Mass) who took the opportunity to criticize Governor Rick Perry for saying that EPA regulations are job killers.  Esteemed jackass congressman from Massachusetts claims that independent (ehem...) studies clearly show environmental regulations create new jobs.  Yeah Ed, go tell that to the coal miners and oil rig workers being put out of work as we speak.  The so-called green jobs bonanza is a pie-in-the-sky as well as a scheme to enrich green crony capitalist allies of the Democrat party.

On the crazed Marxist front, we must not forget esteemed jackass, Congressman Frank Lautenberg of N.J. who was heard saying that "we've got to eliminate the rich.."  If I had a dollar for every such rhetoric I've heard from Democrats, I'd be retired by now.  Maybe one day soon I'll make a montage of their sound bites from my video vault.

For those of you who missed it, Homeland Security also put out their new video for purposes of encouraging people to report suspicious activity.  Who portrayed the terrorists in this PSA?  You guessed it: well dressed white people.  Political correctness gone awry or something else?  You decide (just remember that two years ago, it was the same outfit that put out the warning that soldiers coming back from Iraq could pose danger to the U.S.)

On the international front, this week we threw two old and valuable allies under the Obama bus:  Israel and Taiwan.
First, the U.S. threatened that unless Israel apologizes to Turkey (I guess for defending themselves during the boarding of Mavi Marmara) for loss of life, Israel would find herself isolated at the U.N.
Second, and even more outrageously, V.P. Biden told the Chinese the United States fully recognizes that issues related to Taiwan and Tibet are part of China’s core interests.  He said the U.S. will firmly adhere to the one-China policy and will not support “Taiwan independence.”  He added  the U.S. fully acknowledges that Tibet is an inalienable part of the People’s Republic of China.
With a friend like this, who needs enemies?

This was just scratching the surface as far as outrageous news goes but I needed to point out at least the most egregious ones.

So, the tyranny continues...

P.S.  I am still awaiting Obama and his Democrat clan's apology to Rep. Joe Wilson.  He and many of us knew all too well that Obamacare would cover illegal aliens, as we were proven right just over a week ago.  Yes Mr. President, YOU LIE!

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Tenth Generation Patriot said...

Will Joe Wilson bring up impeachment charges? Someone needs to. We can't afford to let this guy go unchecked until 2013.