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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Happy Anniversary, Timmy

No, it is not Tim Geithner's wedding anniversary, nor is it his birthday or anything like that.  August 2nd was the one year anniversary of the smartest man in America - as the progressives would have you believe - claiming victory over the recession.

Back on August 2, 2010, Geithner wrote an Op-Ed piece titled "Welcome to the Recovery" in the New York Times.  In the piece, Timmy the wonder boy reassured the unwashed masses that the devastation wrought by the great recession was now a memory.  Lets see what has happened in the ensuing 12 months:

Sorry Timmy, it appears that the GDP growth during the first 12 months of the so-called recovery was twice as high as the recent 12 month's average of well below 2%.

No luck here either, Timmy.  Although the unemployment rate has come down from 9.4% to 9.2%, the recent trend does not bode well for your delusions of recovery anytime soon.

What is it with this administration?  It is as if everyone who works for it is required to get a frontal lobotomy before taking office.  From the EPA Administrator who does not know how much CO2 there is in the atmosphere to the Treasury Secretary who is utterly clueless as to why despite record spending there is no recovery to speak of, almost every cabinet level appointee of the Obama Administration is clearly unprepared for their offices.  I might even be willing to put up with all the scandals of this administration but having to put up with downright stupidity on top of it all is asking too much!

Come to think of it, going by the ineptness he so generously displays at every opportunity handed to him (who can forget the lame excuse for the IRS troubles that he had, which should have been a signal of things to come), we have the wrong Timmy in Office. We need one with fairy god parents.

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