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Thursday, February 17, 2011

NLRB Up To No Good

Union participation in the U.S. is thankfully low: around 13% of the labor force.  But don't fret if you are a lefty.  National Labor Relations Board, with its controversial Obama appointee at its helm, has been following the same blueprint as the Administration: transfer as much power as possible to its biggest supporters - the often communist labor unions.

NLRB is the mediation agency charged with interpreting and maintaining the fairness of unionizing efforts nationwide, and will soon decide whether or not labor unions will be allowed to break off different sections of workforces into small groups to organize five or 10 workers at a time instead of the whole workplace at once – or organize using “micro unions.”

The “micro unions” would essentially allow labor organizers to section off company employees by specific job descriptions. For example, if a union were trying to organize a restaurant staff, leaders would target servers, busboys, dishwashers, cooks and hostesses separately.  This way, it would be much easier for unions to take control of workforces, piece by piece. 

Current NLRB member Craig Becker, who was recess-appointed by President Barack Obama because he couldn’t get through a Senate confirmation and is currently re-nominated by Obama to the same spot, has advocated for this kind of micro union approach. Becker dissented from an NLRB decision last summer that determined it was too narrow for a union to try to organize just the poker dealers at a specific casino but not include dealers of other casino games. Becker wrote that, “the only question … is whether the proposed unit is an appropriate unit, not whether it is the most appropriate unit.”

To sum it up, NLRB is clearly no longer a mediation body but an outright advocate for the side of the unions.

America will not be safe as long as the radicals are in charge.

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