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Friday, February 11, 2011

CBO Director: Obamacare Will Cost 800,000 Jobs

Congressional Budget Office has the primary responsibility of scoring proposed legislative bills.  Scoring, or costing, bills for the CBO is not a matter of common sense or anything like it.  As a non-partisan entity, CBO must score the bill based on the assumptions handed to them - no matter how unrealistic - hence the explanation of cost overruns in nearly all government run programs.

Poor Doug Elmendorf. He is stuck between Democrats who are giving him fabricated Obamacare numbers to base his estimates on and his duty to give the Congress accurate information.

Yesterday, testifying before the House Budget Committee, Elmendorf confirmed, once again, what any logical, thinking person has always known:  Obamacare will cost upwards of 800,000 jobs if and when it is fully implemented despite the Democrats' allegations to the opposite.

In a related story, on the same day, President Obama's own healthcare officials refused to answer congressional inquiries about the impact of the healthcare law.  Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Director Dr. Donald Berwick and Chief Actuary Rick Foster testified before the Ways and Means Committee today to provide answers to pressing questions about the trillion dollar health care law. Dr. Berwick, having been in office eight months, had never testified before the Ways and Means Committee even though the committee oversees health care policy for the entire country. Chief Actuary Foster didn’t testify before the committee in the last Congress even though health care was being “debated.”
Please, view the videos on this link to see the evasiveness and deception we have become accustomed to from this Administration.  The new site by the Heartland Institute on Don Berwick also documents his radical socialism.

Did you hear either of these news stories on the ABC, CBS, NBC, or CNN last night?  Nope.  Why bother the American public with such trivial, useless information, right?

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