"The welfare of humanity is always the alibi of tyrants" - Albert Camus

Friday, February 25, 2011

Just Catching Up...

It has been a week of downers for yours truly. 

First, at the home front, every member of the family got the flu (which, normally, none of us is susceptible to).  As bad a this was, I guess I should count it to be a mixed blessing since the combined stupor brought on by the drugs and the illness helped make the events of the past week - both here in the U.S. and overseas - only a hazy memory to me.  Too bad this is not a stupor we can collectively expect to wake up from as if it were a bad dream.

Internationally, the middle east keeps on burning as the price of oil creeps up over $100.  As the U.S. is no longer a leader but an agitator, we are at the mercy of the E.U. for any type of leadership to help calm and direct events that are spiralling out of control.  God help us all

Domestically, we only had the charlatan-in-chief stomp over the carcass of our constitutional republic further by this time targeting the legislative branch in declaring the defense of marriage act "unconstitutional".  For those not keeping count, that is now two federal court decisions and a piece of legislation (passed by the congress and signed by a President) the Administration has decided to ignore.  If there ever was a case for presidential impeachment, Obama is the poster child for it.  The question is, are there any Republicans out there who have the nerve to bring about hearings that might lead to the impeachment of the first black president?  (Sorry Mr. Clinton, we are not talking about you)

Of course, we cannot escape the domestic round-up without mentioning the communist labor union shenanigans in Wisconsin, Indiana, Ohio, and elsewhere.  Actions of the unions (the violence and the colorful language) and the Democrat lawmakers fleeing their states in order to avoid critical votes (hey, elections only have consequence if you are a progressive liberal, right?) being par for course, what remains a jaw dropping fact (not really but just play along) is the agitator-in-chief openly siding with the communist labor unions against states' rights.  Oh yeah, I must not forget the revelation this past week that this is the same President who has not spoken once to over half of his cabinet secretaries since he became the president, but as Trumka and Stern gleefully testify to, has managed to meet weekly with the heads of labor unions.

All this is like a bad dream; reality turned upside down in a surreal, Twilight Zone type of existence.  Or maybe a test god has sent America's way to see if we are really worthy of being free souls.  Or something...

Hey, on the bright side, at least Illinois is getting a much needed boost to its tourism with all the neighboring states Democrats fleeing there.

Heck, just pass me my drugs, I think I was happier when I skirted reality for a while when the flu meds had control over my mind and body!

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