"The welfare of humanity is always the alibi of tyrants" - Albert Camus

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Evidence Of The Chilling Effect

As you may know, I am a periodic contributor to the American Thinker.  American Thinker is a popular and highly acclaimed conservative/libertarian blog that publishes articles that are generally critical of progressive philosophy and governmental policies.

In the past, I had no problems getting my articles accepted by Thomas, who is the editor.  This time around, however, my article on Constitutional Crisis was rejected because, in Thomas' words, I should not "throw bombast about sedition".  When I agreed to take out incendiary words like sedition out, I was told that likening tyranny in Egypt to that of Obama Administration was a "stretch".

My first reaction was one of disappointment with Thomas and other editors of American Thinker, but I quickly realized that they too were starting to be more careful with how edgy the articles they select for publications are.  The reason is simple.  The Obama Administration is all about intimidation (Chicago style bare knuckle politics) - directly or indirectly.  We have seen countless instances of this disgusting intimidation (which usually takes the form of being investigated by the IRS or being lied about in the media like in the case of Tucson shootings) over the past two years.  Consider:

   -Intimidation of the GM and Chrysler bond holders
   -Intimidation of bank, pharmaceutical, oil, and insurance executives (using their union goons)
   -Intimidation of states like Arizona just because they dare to uphold the rule of law when it does not
    benefit progressive goals
   -Intimidation of Tea Party activists (again using their union thugs) including Sarah Palin
   -Intimidation of just about anyone else who is not promoting a progressive agenda through IRS and
    other enforcement agencies that this bunch has turned in to their own squads of goons
    .......on and on the list goes.....

I do not advocate violent overthrow of our government because we are Americans and I have full confidence in our citizens to peacefully dispose of the Obama Administration in less than two years.  That said, I will keep on reading and contributing to the American Thinker, but I will not change my tone on this blog because, unlike American Thinker, I refuse to be intimidated by a bunch of criminals.  Sometimes, one's principles and convictions are more important than what is expedient.  Afterall, had our founding fathers let their convictions go by the wayside in the face of British intimidation, United States of America would be but a figment of imagination for those yearning for liberty.

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Great post. I too have seen that on AT but for myself, I stand AGAINST the regime and proudly.

How can we quail in the face of intimidation when a famous man once said:

"I know not what course others may take but for me, give me liberty or give me death." P. Henry