"The welfare of humanity is always the alibi of tyrants" - Albert Camus

Monday, July 30, 2012

Invasion of the ‘Dreamers’

What happens if a powerful, well respected U.S. Senator gives a press conference, and no press turns out?  I do not pose this question in a literary sense but rather figuratively since the media was present at last Thursday’s press conference, but neglected to report a piece of critical news item that affects the very sovereignty of this nation, just because it would undoubtedly have further seriously damaged the Administration’s already sullied image.

The substance of the press conference given by Senator Jeff Sessions was the scandalous behavior of the Administration – in this case the White House and the DHS – ever since President Obama signed the executive order to let a certain (large) segment of the illegal immigrant community escapedeportation.

This back door attempt to pass the failed DREAM Act is unconstitutional.  It is usurpation of power by the Executive Branch in violation of the Separation of Powers Act, and just the latest example of dying federalism.  It is also treason.

Among definitions of treason, one finds ‘a violation of allegiance to one’s sovereignty or one’s state’.  This usurpation of power and direct attack on the sovereignty of our nation is, therefore, treason.  Yet, this is not news according to the despicable U.S. media.  Nor is it alarming enough to the overwhelming majority of Republican congressmen who are quiet about it, as they do not wish to be portrayed as attacking our ‘first black’ president.  All the meanwhile, we Americans keep on incrementally losing our country.

The Obama Administration has been investigating and/or outright suing a plethora of states for enforcing existing federal immigration and election laws.  Now, the political game has been elevated to outright letting illegal immigrant criminals go scot-free in response to a simple statement by the offenders: I am a ‘dreamer’!

To be dreamer in the context of immigration used to refer to those immigrants who came here to better their lives through making use of the limitless opportunities America offers to anyone willing to work hard and make their American dream come true.  That is unfortunately no more the case.  Today’s dreamers are predominantly here to latch on to the government’s teet with the encouragement of our own government.

Make no mistake; here we are truly dealing with a GangsterGovernment!  They will do whatever is necessary to win; and that includes lying, dividing America along class and race lines, violating the U.S. Constitution by negating federalism and disregarding the other two co-equal branches of the government, and committing election fraud.

Obama’s re-election strategy is simple: shore up the base consisting of gays, pro-choice elements, environmentalists, Latinos, African Americans, and otherwise anti-capitalist collectivists.  Let’s hope that the calculus is not there, in the light of lacking Democrat enthusiasm, to carry him to a disastrous victory come November.  There is no alternative to preserving America!


Tel said...

Hey, this is completely off topic, but how do you feel about Paul Ryan as VP? I think it might bring some of the Tea Party "lower the deficit" voters toward the Romney campaign.

Maybe the USA has finally come to understand it must bring its house into order? Am I hoping for too much here?

Well, at least the budget issue is going to get some solid debate -- that's a good thing even if Obama wins because under Obama I believe the default is inevitable. So if we get a month of solid campaigning on budget issues and then the American people choose Obama and then there's a big banking default, well that's just Democracy in action and those people would have made their choice with eyes open. You can't expect better than that.

The Patriot said...

Despite many thinking Rubio would have been the smart choice, I believe that Ryan is the best possible choice Romney could have made. He is a deficit hawk and will do very nicely as far as getting the Tea Party back on board.

You are right, Tel. Default is inevitable because the American people in general do not have the stomach for the kind of austere budgets that need to be implemented; nor do the politicians have the character to pass necessary government reforms to save the system from the corruption that it has been entangled in.