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Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Genius of the Ryan Pick

I must admit Paul Ryan was not my prediction as far as Ronmey's V.P. pick was concerned.  I was under the impression that Ryan was not interested, as he knew he had important and valuable work to do in the House of Representatives.  I am delirious that I was way off in my impressions.

I was pulling for Governor McDonnell of Virginia as a solid conservative with the credentials and successful experiences he would bring to the table.  My second pick was Senator Rubio as a young, dynamic constitutional conservative with a compelling story.

I believe that Ryan was the best possible pick Romney could have made for a simple reason.  Rep. Ryan is not only a solid Tea Party (constitutional) conservative, but is singularly focused on the pending fiscal doom we face as a nation.  Yes, that makes him a prime target for demagoguing as he was in 2011 with what Politifact called the 'lie of the year', but we, as a nation, are at a point where stark contrasts must be made in the presidential choice the electorate will be making in November. 

On one hand, we have in Romney and Ryan two conservatives who know instinctively what makes America the exceptional country that she is.  They stand for self responsibility, hard work, individual initiative, and less government intrusion.

In contrast, on the other hand, we have Obama and Biden who are the standard-bearers for a party that no longer makes any pretense of pushing the collectivist agenda.  Obama, as I have pointed out previously, has no concept of how a free economy works.  I mean, here is an ideology - as represented by the President - that cannot make the connection between profits and job creation; or that somehow the state/collective is the main reason behind the successes of entrepreneurs. 

Obama/Biden team cannot escape the reality that their policies have been miserable failures while they ironically call the successes of Reaganomics over the the past quarter of a century failures.  They will certainly repeat that mantra, supported by the dispicable main stream media.

America now has a clear choice: rugged individualism of Romney/Ryan, or the collectivism of Obama/Biden? 


Tel said...

Daniel Hannan hits the nail on the head.


You know a year ago I was eating dinner with some friends and the topic came up that Obama was unbeatable. People were guessing that the Republicans would not even bother to show up in 2012, and I even agreed with them.

Well I'm glad I didn't put any money down at that dinner, because this is shaping up to be a very close and hard fought election. With a Romney/Ryan team it is pretty clear what they are offering -- tightening up tax loopholes for the rich, and trimming the fat out of entitlements for the poor. Romney is a business-friendly Corporatist, Ryan is a Constitutional "small government" conservative and both of them are social conservatives. Hopefully they also propose some sensible cutbacks in other areas of government.

Some people don't like what they offer, but at least they know what is on offer. This is a genuine poll on how Americans feel about what sort of government they should have. Democracy is working as advertised.

The Patriot said...

I agree with you Tel.