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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Yellow or Simply Lap Dog Journalism?

We live in strange times.   Everything from the president’s strange composite girl friend at college to his constantly evolving position on gay marriage seems to be met with journalistic indifference.  In fact, we are told of the virtues of president's evolution from position to position and back by the same press which was eager to point out Romney's inconsistent policy positions on everything from abortion to healthcare throughout his brief political career.

Along the lines of presidential evolution, journalism also seems to be evolving. We all knew that journalism was dead after the journalists’ refusal to vet the current resident of the White House.  Or maybe the metaphor should have been that it is evolving in to a composite with the Democrat party.

So, I was not surprised a bit when the media jumped all over the nearly 50 year old tale of Romney the bully cutting the hair of a presumed gay student while at high school.  Washington Post, that beacon of award winning journalism, ran a two page, 5,000 word article they had been working on for a year – never mind that the article apparently was not consistent with the account given by the now deceased victim’s family! 

Call it the ‘May Surprise’ since the Prez forced their hands to release it earlier than the Post editors would have liked – like sometime in October!  ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, and other news providers were not as shameless but still could not resist making the story the lead. 

Yes, the same media which somehow couldn't locate the story of Obama bullying a defenseless black girl less than 30 years ago - in his own words, buried in the pages of his ego-maniacal book - but somehow managed to locate a nearly half a century old story on Romney that they managed to twist like a pretzel to fit their desired narrative!

Yes, the very same media which sees inconsequential the very real stories of a president whose well documented associations with leftist radicals span nearly half a century, or whose in office scandals from Pigford to the shenanigans going on everywhere from the DOJ to DOE are enough to make the most corrupt politicians in our history blush, or for that matter his disregard for rule of law as it applies to the Seperation of Powers clause in the U.S. Constitution.

The same news media who would not ask the most basic questions of the current president, let alone investigate for a whole year any event or person from his past, is doing its part to re-elect our dear leader.

No, this is not simply yellow journalism for sake of creating sensation in order to boost their sagging circulations or ratings.  This is what should be termed lap dog journalism - a prime example of journalistic malpractice our shameless media partakes in on a daily basis.  No wonder why their favorability rating is as low as those of politicians!

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A. Sinan Unur said...

"Animal House" should be mandatory viewing for fanboys and fangirls so they can spot the next John Edwards situation before it hits the tabloids ;-)