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Friday, April 20, 2012

Wake Up Call: E-mail to Soledad O'Brien

Perhaps you have seen the interview Rep. Alan West gave Soledad O'Brien of CNN regarding his communist allegations.  Those who know Ms. O'Brien are well familiar with her committed progressive views.  As such, the interview went predictably, with Soledad trying hopelessly to mock Rep. West:

As I had written in an American Thinker piece last year, the CPC (Congressional Progressive Caucus) was originally set up as a front group for socialists and communists who get elected as Democrats.  They have been extremely successful in infiltrating the Democrat Party.  It is over these types of shenanigans that likes of Georgia senator Zell Miller, author of A National Party No More, to quit politics several years ago.  But, apparently, Ms. O'Brien is not aware of what is going on in Democrat Party politics that she is so entangled with.  So, I decided to write to her:

Fri, Apr 20, 2012 at 1:38 PM

To: Soledad.OBrien@cnn.com

Mrs. O'Brien:

in your interview with Rep. Alan West, you asked how did he know that CPC memebers were tied to the CPUSA. I believe I can provide that answer for you.
In 2010, at the CPUSA 29th national convention, the leaders of the party disclosed clearly that "When members do run for office, it is within the auspices of the Democratic Party." Here is the appropriate, first hand, link:

I am sure, in the name of fairness, you will be hurrying to report this to the public since you, in a thinly veiled fashion, condescendingly ridiculed Rep. West.
On second thought, maybe not since your standards of reporting are different depending on the side that is being pilloried.
Best regards,

I'll let you know if I recieve a reply but I doubt it.  You see, progressives are like so many cockroaches.  When you shine the light on them, they scatter out of sight.  I did not mean to insult cockroaches, but that is the way it is.

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Gunny G said...

WELL DONE! Your letter to her was more polite than mine was! haha