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Friday, May 25, 2012

A Sad Excuse For a President

Just as I think I have seen all that I am going to see from the Disgrace that occupies the White House, he keeps on upping the ante.  In his latest speech in Iowa yesterday, the shameless occupier of the presidency further painted himself to be the class warring Marxist wannabe that he is. 

Obama said: "too many of my Republican friends in Congress are standing in the way. They either want to do nothing at all or they want to double down on the same failed policies that got us into this mess. They want to cut more taxes – especially for the wealthiest Americans. They want to cut back more of the rules we put in place for banks and financial institutions."

Mr. President, if I must call you that, who and what exactly caused the "mess" you keep on mentioning?  The Republicans who were mere co-conspirators with Democrats in laying the foundations of the housing crisis?  As to what, are you referring to the so-called Bush tax cuts to the wealthy?  You mean the measly $4.5 billion a year in tax breaks that go to the top 1% of the earners?  Now, we know that you are incapable of rational thought like all progressive collectivists, and an economic illiterate to boot, but are you at least capable of performing third grade math?  Even the static figure of $4.5 billion equals little over 0.1% of the federal budget and 0.3% of the federal deficit.  Scoring it dynamically would likely impact the federal deficit by half of that figure.  Are you seriously saying that allowing people who earned it to keep an additional tiny portion of their earnings equivalent to one or two tenths of one percent of the budget deficit is why we are stuck in doldrums? 

If $4.5 billion is the magic bullet, then what does that make your ill conceived loan guarantee program to your green energy cronies to the tune of over $22 billion, most of which has been flushed down the toilet already?

As for rules, are you referring to Dodd-Frank fiasco that is serving as a road block to lending by lending institutions, or its institutionalization of anti free market 'too-big-to-fail concept'?

Later in the speech, Obama continued: "risk-takers and investors should be rewarded, he said. But their motives are not job creation."
“The people who work in these firms will tell you that’s not their goal,” Obama said, explaining that the goal for private equity companies, such as Bain, the company Romney co-founded, is “maximizing short-term gains for your investors.”
“There may be value for that type of experience but it’s not in the White House,” the president said, where the goal is “strong and sustainable, broad-based growth.”

First of all, again being an economic illiterate who has zero real world experience in business, you must be called out for fallacies that you spread.  No business in the world has as its goal job creation.  Profit is the only reason entrepreneurs go in to business.  Jobs are simply the by-product of the investments entrepeneurs make in pursuit of those profits.  Without profit, only government can survive, therefore what you are really saying is that the job of a president is to expand the state - not the private sector.  By such statements, you are not even coming out of the Marxist closet as you never were in it to begin with for those of us whose eyes and ears have been wide open!

In his remarks, Obama contrasted the vision he has for the country with Romney’s by talking about his desire to make sure everyone gets a fair shot and is playing by the same rules. He said he wants to reform the tax code, and he said his plan to reform Medicare is not to privatize it.
“We’re going to reform it by reducing the actual costs of health care,” he said.

Mr. Obama, I've got news for you.  In life, everyone does not get a fair shot.  We all have opportunities here in America, but we do not all have the same skills, drive, intelligence, and financial and other resources that allow people to be successful.  That is a fact that you and your emotionally driven progressive fellow travellers will never comprehend.

As for Medicare, a ponzi medical insurance scheme can no more stand than a ponzi retirement scheme.  CBO report after CBO report has hammered the point that medical costs will only go up as a result of Obamacare, even including phantom savings which are a contradiction since the bill takes half a trillion away from Medicare to make the whole cost of the bill seem smaller.  But this sleight of hand is standard operating procedure for this crooked, immoral bunch as we recently witnessed in their deception about spending under them.  Despite the left leaning Politfacts three pinnochios given to Rep. Pelosi for alleging the same, the regime goes on undeterred.  The fact that $400 billion omnibus spending bill and the $825 billion stimulus that were signed by Obama himself within the first three months of his disastrous presidency is lost on progressive intellect.  It is these $1.2 trillion that caused the FY2009 budget deficit to explode - not the original Bush budget!  And then, the nerve to take this inflated amount and use it as your base spending so that you can claim to be fiscally responsible is simply mind numbing.  No, Mr President, although your brain dead followers are, the rest of us are not that stupid.

Every single speech given by Obama is full of class war rhetoric and outright lies so outrageous that even his liberal allies have been distancing themselves from as in his hypocritical attacks on Bain Capital despite his own dispicable national co-chair of re-election being a partner in a private equity company.  No, Mr. Pena is not dispicable because of his work, which is salvaging companies tha are in trouble (occasionally requiring laying off employees - a better alternative to ALL the employees losing their jobs if the private equity firm was not involved), but rather he is dispicable for going along with this Marxist-like re-election strategy.

A president is supposed to be a uniter.  The divider-in-chief is not only a union boss-like thug and a shameless, immoral liar, but a sad excuse for a president any which way you look at it. 

November can't get here soon enough!

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