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Friday, April 13, 2012

Indoctrination at FCPS Continues

Less than three weeks ago, I wrote about the middle school teacher at our (Fairfax County) local school system who took it upon himself to instruct his students to do opposition research on Republican presidential candidates and send their findings along with any suggestions to the Obama campaign.  I also included the text of the e-mail exchange I had with the school system, in which they predictably denied any sinister, obviously political, motivations.

In the three short weeks since then, we have had two other incidences.
First involves an elementary school teacher who said to her students that Republicans are "stupid" and that they "do not care about anyone but themselves".  The teacher also told her students that she voted for Obama, and Democrats did a lot more for education (undoubtedly meaning for the Teachers' unions) than evil Republicans. 
As expected, the school system responded to the parent complaints as they did to mine as I outlined in my earlier post!

Then on Friday, I recieved the weekly communique from my daughter's middle school principal.  The second paragraph reads:
President Obama Responds: Ms. Donohues students wrote to President Obama as part of a class project, and he sent back a signed letter that read in part: “Americas potential can be measured by the creative ideas and inquisitive minds of our students. Your eagerness to explore the world around you and engage others in discussing important issues will help you improve the future your generation will inherit.”
I couldn't help wonder what the critical issues these 13 year olds are supposedly engaging others in discussion with.  My daughter does not have Ms. Donohue as a teacher, thank God.  Well, with the help of my daughter's friends at the school, I confirmed my initial suspicion: the important issue communicated to the president at the urging of their teacher was man made global warming. 

So, the indoctrination goes on unabated.

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