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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Outrageous News of the Week

Here are the latest news capsules from these past few days. Laugh, cry, whatever...but it is what it is! Sometimes I feel like I am living in an alternate reality; but no one is waking me up! Did any of this crap happen during other recent presidencies and I was asleep all the time, or am I right that all the nuttiness started in earnest with Obama?

Just on the labor front, we had:

  • A bill in the California legislature would force parents to pay state-level minimum wage to babysitters, as well as provide a substitute caregiver every two hours to cover rest and meal breaks, in addition to workers’ compensation coverage, overtime pay, and a meticulously calculated time card/paycheck  
  • State of Illinois started to pay violent offenders and sex criminals to baby sit children. (and no, I am not making any of this up - I wish I were!)
  • President Obama’s National Labor Relations Board has issued two more rulings that will carpet-bomb employers with “micro-union” organizing drives and repeal one of the last protections employees had if they wanted to choose a union by secret ballot election
  • Just days before, the NLRB issued a rule that will force millions of employers to post advertisements for employees to join a union shuttered the comment period for a rule that will ensure employees only hear the union side of a sales pitch
  • Union bosses told a businessman that, because he had the audacity to appear in a video discussing the impact Big Labor has on business and the economy, “there’s going to be a price to pay for that”
  • The EPA has a handful of new regulations that will cost $125 billion — per year — as “factories, hospitals, universities, power plants and even churches are in the cross hairs of hyper aggressive regulators” (ex: a dry cleaner in Pennsylvania says the regulations will cost him $50,000 for new equipment)
  • And, of course, all these new regulations disproportionately harm small businesses who are forced to “spend 36% more per employee than large Corps complying with new federal rules” Hmm...I wonder why no jobs are being created?
  • Affirmative action is back as the Administration declared that the federal workforce will be "diversified".  What else would you expect from this gang that has introduced LGBT sensitivity training in to the CIA and the military!!
  • And, of course, don’t forget the owner of the non-union electrical contracting co. who got shot last week while a perpetrator was looking to slash his tires, having already completed the word “scab” into the vehicle
On other fronts:

  • Solyndra, one of Obama's green technology cronies which secured over half a billion dollars in subsidies from the government (by the way, one of the founder was a big Obama fund raiser as reported by ABC News) filed for bankruptcy. This was not the first, nor will it be the last green energy company to go belly up in a matter of 2 years or less. This shovel ready project was obviously so....ready for the shovel of the grave digger!
  •  Of course, those Keynesians who think that governments can create markets for unwanted, financially unfeasible services/goods, or productive jobs are nowhere to be seen as the house of cards start coming down.
  •  Again from the land of fruits and nuts (California), a bill has been sponsored to fund college for illegal immigrants. I would suggest all who live near CA to move away. The vortex might just pull you under when the state inevitably goes down.
  •  On the education front, a secret NEA document unearthed recently shows that only 4% of the union dues goes to improving teaching despite the organization's mission statement that says: “we will focus the energy and resources of our 3.2 million members on improving the quality of teaching, increasing student achievement and making schools safer, better places to learn.”
  • The other 96% goes to.....you guessed it, supporting Democrat party candidates.
  • In the foreign policy arena, we've been discovering the money pipeline U.S. has to the Taliban as well as Marxist and Islamist rebels in the mid-east and Afghanistan.
  • The new Chair of the WH Council of Economic Advisors is an avowed progressive who has defended preferential treatment of minorities.  Another Princeton pin head.  Geesh..  It cements it in my mind that we are going nowhere economically until all these people are thrown out of the government!
  • This week we found out another one of Obama's classy tribal family, uncle Onyango, was arrested in Massachusetts.  Like aunt Zeituni, he is also illegal and on welfare.  He also owes back taxes to the IRS (surprised he hasn't been offered a position in the Administration - he has the perfect qualifications)  Care to bet that he will not be deported?  I didn't think so.  Hey, I've got an idea.  Lets give Onyango citizenship and deport Barack instead.
  • It is baaack...the Administration is pushing for preferential lending once again.  I'll have a post on this soon.
  • Dream Act is being unconstitutionally implemented as we speak.  Obama last week signed an executive order effectively stopping all deportations.  The next day, Hilda Solis said that e must assure illegal workers get paid a living wage.  Congressional refusal to pass this legislation should have killed this measure, but like with several other defeated legislation, the Administration is forging ahead in violation of separation of powers act.  Will no Republican have the balls to start the impeachment ball rolling?!
  • ACLU is outraged that students cannot access gay web sites.  No more needs to be said about this.
  • The NLRB orders unionization elections at a catholic school in Illinois this week for not being religious enough.
  • Federal Judge in Texas struck down the provision of the law that requires sonograms before an abortion.  God forbid that we may convince a mother to be to save the life of their unborn child.  Ahhh, the compassion of progressives knows no bounds.
  • And finally, as you are probably aware, the race war is on.  Democrats are primed and ready.  First targets are Tea Party members like Congressman Alan West, but it is likely to spread to anyone who is not a Democrat.
There really was a lot more that happened over the past week but I think I am getting sick to my stomach.  I need to take a rest.


Hardnox said...

Good post. Exhausting isn't it?

This stuff nearly makes my head explode. The left is insane.

The elections next year cannot come fast enough.

Common Snse said...


It's like the entire country is gone crazy. The one that is most explainable is the NEA Teacher's Union approach. The "father" of American Teacher's Unions Albert Shanker shamelessly said:

"When schoolchildren start paying union dues, that’s when I’ll start representing the interests of schoolchildren."

Tell that to striking teachers when they tell you "It's about the children!"