"The welfare of humanity is always the alibi of tyrants" - Albert Camus

Sunday, September 25, 2011

At a Loss For Words.....

Have you ever been so outraged by the boldfaced, outrageous  hypocrisy of someone's actions that you are literally at a loss for words?  Well, I am (as I've become accustomed to with this Administration and progressives in general!)...

As Accuracy In Media reported on Thursday, the U.S. State Department and George Soros funded Global Integrity have jointly launched the "Open Government" initiative that promotes transparency in government.  The initiative was announced by Brazil’s President Dilma Rousseff, a former Marxist terrorist, and President Obama - another Marxist comrade of the former.

Yes, the same Administration that has stonewalled congressional committees by refusing to answer to a record number of FOIAs, refuses to cooperate with numerous on going investigations including Solyndra, has pressured a four-star general to give false testimony in the scandalous case of LightSquared, has falsified expert reports in the case of BP oil spill for political ends, has conducted business behind closed doors as with Obamacare and almost every other piece of legislation despite assurances to the contrary, has a revolving door at the White House for thuggish Marxist union bosses, .....(on and on the list goes!)

And yes, the same George Soros who funds just about every organization that is currently working to undermine the U.S. as well as the most progressive non-traditional media outlets, has played a key role in collapsing the British pound making him a persona non grata in the U.K., is closing his off shore based secretive $25 billion Quantum fund to outsiders in order not to have to disclose details as required by Dodd-Frank law he supported, was convicted in France of insider trading, is four-squares behind the Administration's unwillingness to let American companies drill for oil but stands to make over $100 million from the multi billion dollar credit Obama Administration is extending to Brazil for off-shore oil drilling, .......(again, on and on the list goes!)

You can read the details of the behind the curtains, incestuous relationships here. (highly recommended!)

Our friends at the Weasel Zippers have coined the right terminology for just such instances: Assploding hypocrisy.  "Gangster government" does not even begin to describe this bunch!

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Hell, the two fiscal criminals, Bernanke and Ghietner are going to bailout Europe and the IMF at our expense!

Maybe one day, America will learn NOT to elect DemocRATS.