"The welfare of humanity is always the alibi of tyrants" - Albert Camus

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


First, I must regretfully admit that my diagnosis yesterday of Obama and his entourage as being:
1. Dumb (somewhat)
2. Delusional (more so), and...
3. Radical (mostly)
was not complete. I must add a fourth:
4. Hysterically hypocritical.

Although this newly added diagnosis can sometimes be mistaken as a regular symptom of number 3, this Administration has continually taken it to new heights, and must therefore be added as a seperate diagnosis.

I was listening to the White House Communications Director Dan Pfeiffer on the radio earlier and he succeeded in amusing me greatly.  Mr. Pfeiffer, in his usual delusional state, said that it is not the President's obligation to distance himself from Mr. Hoffa's statements on Monday.  Uncivility is a purely personal issue and others cannot be held accountable for not speaking up against it.  It simply is not the President's responsibility to denounce such language.

But, but, but...... wasn't Mr. Hoffa introducing the President?  And, isn't he the President of the U.S. (rather than the labor unions)?  And how about the President's lectures to Americans on civility and acting like the grown up in the room, blah, blah, blah....

My, my, have we come a long way since 2002 when incidents like a benign, back handed compliment to Senator Thurmond by Trent Lott caused such an uproar. But, oh wait, that was a Republican, therefore the standards by which the incident was judged had to be different.

Surely not comparable to the shooting of Gabriel Giffords by a right wing lunatic that triggered months of lecturing by the president, right? Or the crazed Holocoust museum or Ft. Hood shooters!
What?  They were all crazed left wing lunatics?  Why wasn't I informed about this the way Democrats and the media jumped on the conclusion that it had to be right wing lunatics (and even carried the charade on once the true persona behind the shooters were revealed - which got almost no press coverage)?

The same thugs who have used their dispicable Alinskyite techniques against bankers, health insurance companies, oil executives, and Tea Party supporters among others, have also been the biggest whiners about civility in public discourse.  Yet, not a day goes by that these slimy progressives do not verbally assault those who oppose their collectivist vision of America.

The people who shamefully used the incidents I described earlier to portray the peaceful Tea Party protests made up of millions of seniors, families, and hard working Americans as being racists and radicals (what mind-numbing hypocrisy since it is only, and just about every, left wing protest - from IMF to anti-war to you name the protest - that ends up in violence and property destruction) suffer from hysterical hypocrisy - another malady that ravages progressives.


Hardnox said...

Good post.

The best part is that Hoffa just grew the ranks and strenghtened the resolve on our side.

The left is becoming more desperate each day.

Tel said...

I recently read Mike Lofgren's "Goodbye to All That" posting and I can't help thinking some of the "hysterically hypocritical" category should be applied to that as well. I could go into detail, but read it yourself, I'm interested to hear your opinion on it. The progressives are running round making it one of their talking points.

The Patriot said...

I am in the process of reading the article. I will be posting my views on it sometimes next week. Lofgren is a Republican like Megan McCain is. They are not conservatives and thus they are prone to the same mental illness that afflicts progressive Democrats.