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Friday, June 3, 2011

Meet John Bryson: Obama's Latest Attempt To "Undo" America

By now we are all used to President Obama making recess appointments or nominating controversial persons to high level positions.  The latest addition to the parade of radicals dressed up as respectable and reasonable professionals in their field is John Bryson - Obama's nominee for Commerce Secretary.

Mr. Bryson, an environmental attorney, is the co-founder of the National Resources Defense Council - perhaps the most radical anti-energy (meaning anti-growth) environmentalist group.  Bryson supports renewable energy mandates, a carbon tax hiding behind cap-and-trade legislation, a global redistribution of wealth, fighting climate change and restricting domestic development of our vast fossil fuel resources.  He also happens to be another crony capitalist extraordinaire as so many that surround the President.  Here is an excerpt from the Examiner:

"Now comes John Bryson, chairman, president and CEO of BrightSource Inc. and Obama's pick to head the U.S. Department of Commerce. Despite White House efforts to portray Bryson as an innovative, creative business executive, he is actually, as The Washington Examiner's Tim Carney made clear in yesterday's edition, another in the long list of crony capitalists who share Obama's belief that government should pick winners and losers in the economy. Success in the Obama-Bryson world doesn't come from profitably providing needed goods and services to consumers at affordable prices. Rather, crony capitalists make it by cultivating the right political connections and manipulating government regulations to guarantee profits and limit competition.

Bryson's career has been built on government subsidies and political connections. He headed California's Public Utilities Commission, then moved to Edison International, which owned Southern California Edison. These were classic moves by a regulator into cushy positions in the very industries he previously regulated. At every step along the way in the decades since, Bryson has, in the Wall Street Journal's words, shown himself to be "someone with a talent for scoring government subsidies." Bryson's latest subsidy is a $1.6 billion loan guarantee from the Department of Energy for BrightSource's Ivanpah solar energy project in the Mojave Desert. Only federal bureaucrats would invest billions of tax dollars in an enterprise whose Securities and Exchange Commission filing concedes that it has "generated substantial net losses and negative operating cash flows since our inception and expect[s] to continue to do so for the foreseeable future."

But there is another side to Bryson, one that fits squarely in the tradition of radical Obama appointees like "green jobs" czar Van Jones, a self-proclaimed Marxist; Medicare head Donald Berwick, who swoons over Britain's socialized National Health Service; and National Labor Relations Board member Craig Becker, the former labor lawyer who never met a union power grab he couldn't back. Early in his career, Bryson co-founded the Natural Resources Defense Council, the environmental advocacy group that has relentlessly pushed litigation and regulation to suffocate private enterprise in a thousand ways. More recently, Bryson described Waxman-Markey, the most extreme version of Obama's cap-and-trade proposal, as "moderate." There is, of course, nothing moderate about using politically correct fish, lizards and birds to deprive Americans of desperately needed jobs, infrastructure and energy."
Indeed, why mess with the free market and silly things like letting supply and demand pick winners and losers when you can let government mandate how much and which energy is produced regardless of cost to taxpayers and consumers?

Just the right qualified person Obama needs to head the Commerce Department.  The drive to "undo" America is simply relentless!



While the enemy is INSIDE the wire, they have identified themselves for us.

See you in 2012 brother, at the polls and if that still don't do the trick, at the barricades.

The Patriot said...

Either will do. Whatever it takes! Freedom is too precious to lay back and watch wither.