"The welfare of humanity is always the alibi of tyrants" - Albert Camus

Monday, June 20, 2011

Does This Man Have Any Trace of Shame?

Charles Manson could claim to be an angel.  Ex-porno star Ginger Lee (of Weiner fame) a virtuous virgin.  Maybe, even George Soros a rabid anti collectivist.  Whatever the obviously ridiculous claims such infamous individuals could make, they do not because they carry some trace sense of shame not to insist on being what they obviously are not.

This sense of shame does not exist in our disgraceful President.  We know this because of his actions throughout his public life.  Actions like insisting on transparency yet conducting critical legislative business behind locked doors away from not only public scrutiny but Republican input, or telling bankers that he is the only one between them and angry mobs while in the same breath trying to secure their cooperation in easing credit.  Examples are too numerous and unnecessary to list for those who read this blog.

The latest addition to the list is his claims throughout last week that he is a "free market" leader.  The man who could barely spell the word free market is desperate.  The vision he sees these days is the one of him packing his bags for Chicago one and a half year from now.  Although he insists that he is okay with it if he is not re-elected, he knows that he still has important work to do if America's destruction as a free society founded on constitutional principles is to be achieved.

Any man, who could make that claim with his track record is simply either clinically out of touch (as in schizophrenic) or lacks any sense of shame, which arguably stems from just such clinical condition. 
This is the man who has long lamented that ours is a constitution that makes redistributive justice very difficult.  This is the man who has throughout his community organizing days strong armed entities for 'social justice'.  This is the shameless sham of a man who continuously resides on his high horse on moral issues but acts like the common street thug that he is.

Mr. Obama, if you were such a free market guy, why would your administration kill jobs in right to work S. Carolina to protect unions in Washington state? 
Come to think of it, why would you be willing to kill nearly a million coal mining and potential oil and gas drilling jobs?  How about the sky high energy prices you admitted your policies would hoist upon the citizenry of this country just to satisfy your ideological goals?
Do you think that anyone whose EPA has just cost Shell Oil upwards of $4 billion they have spent over the past five years thanks to their baseless denial of  critical air permits a free market proponent?
Do you think that anyone who thinks green jobs can replace the million or so conventional energy jobs (when you see the miserable failure of such policies in the EU) you fully intend to kill is free market oriented?
Do you think someone whose green car mandate will add $10,000 to the price of the vehicles and cost 260,000 jobs is a free market proponent?
Do you think that a free market believer would be running around talking about a jobs plan for the private sector? (I know you do since according to your ilk, government is the real source of all jobs and benevolence, and its planning of the economy is essential)

Even your own chief of staff admits some (a gross understatement) of your economic policies are "indefensible"!
Don't you ever take a moment and listen to the job creators of America (the CEOs, the NFIB, the Chamber of Commerce) and their complaints that there is no regulatory or fiscal certainty therefore they are not willing to invest their capital?
No, you could not even run a lemonade stand (and have never taken on such an endeavor)

No, you are only good for one thing: assaulting our collective sensibilities with claims that are transparently false.

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