"The welfare of humanity is always the alibi of tyrants" - Albert Camus

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Comedy of the Week: Outrageous Quotes

Tim Geithner:  "GOP debt plan 'irresponsible, risky, radical, unwise"
Oh really, Timmy?! ...And spending money that we do not have on non-productive things, then sticking our children and grandchildren with the bill that will certainly enslave them is not?

Bill Clinton: “the stimulus did as well as it could have done — there just wasn’t enough of it”
Proof positive, once and for all, that he was never responsible for the balanced budgets (thanks to the G.O.P. controlled House) he likes to claim credit for.

Janet Napolitano: DHS can’t enforce immigration laws so we need amnesty programs…
Then, let's disband this useless $53 billion a year government monstrosity!  More likely than can't, DHS will not enforce immigration laws on purpose.  Illegals = Democrat power

Hillary Clinton: “And then there is the work that our embassy team in Rome has been doing; two weeks ago they played an instrumental role in bringing Lady Gaga to Italy for a Euro (Gay) Pride concert."
Isn't it comforting to know that in an era when Iran is testing ballistic missiles to mound their soon to be operational nuclear weapons, and leaders like Chavez crushing the will and resistance of their freedom loving people, our State Department is busy arranging gigs for euro gay parades?  Let the good times roll!

Al Sharpton: "Offering public sector employees 401k’s instead of pensions is an unthinkable civil rights violations."
...And just whose rights will be violated when public pension funds go belly up and need to be rescued by the tax payers?  That is easy, I am sure if we ask Al, the answer would be "the rich".

AFL/CIO and AFT: "Let's use the billions of pension dollars set aside for union retirees to fund real estate development"
This coming from those screaming the loudest when Bush suggested investing a tiny portion of the Social Security fund in the stock market in order to ensure its solvency?

Jay Carney: “not a conversation worth having.”

White House press secretary on why the President turned down an offer by Republican Senator McConnell to discuss raising the debt limit.  President is already off to 4 campaign fund raising events.  I guess this is the kind of work ethic he was talking about yesterday!

Sen. Sherrod Brown (D): "GOP is committing class warfare"
According to the good senator, "by loading up the tax code with all these breaks for people who already have privilege". Does he realize that in the 1950s when the top tax rate was in the 90-93% range, no one paid anywhere near that? Had they, economic activity would have completely stopped.

By the way, what do progressives mean by "privilege"? Fruits of one's hard work in now a "privilege"? And then they shamelessly deny that they are Marxists!

And finally, the whole Obama press conference yesterday when the President started ugly and finished much uglier. It was class warfare at its best with hypocrisies galore concerning work ethic among others from a president with 75 golf outings, dozens of campaign events during the past month, and several high profile vacations under his belt.

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