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Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Blamer-In-Chief

George W. Bush was blamed for the federal response to Katrina, even though state sovereignty issues hung in the balance and the state of Louisiana and the city of New Orleans, both governed by Democrats at the time, dropped the ball as first and primary responders.
It wasn't Bush who ordered people into the Superdome instead of out of the city. It wasn't Bush who left school buses to sit empty in a flooded parking lot. Nevertheless, Bush got all the blame from the Democrats with the help of their allies in main stream media.  This time around, the disaster is on Obama's watch and on federal territory - a huge distinction.

Unlike Katrina, where disputes and confusion quickly arose between federal, state and local authorities over who should have done what and when, the handling of this accident in federal waters was a clear federal responsibility. It was the failure of this administration to implement contingency plans in place since 1994 to contain and burn the oil that made the situation far worse (and no, they were not precluded from taking this action as some on the left falsely claim!).

Moreover, Governor Jindal of Louisiana has had to go to the extreme of threatening to break federal laws and building sand berms (to protect the shoreline) himself since his request has been held up by the Army Corps of Engineers for about two weeks now while his state's coast line is being ravaged.

We all know that BP is culpable, and as such primarily responsible, as the company whose actions contributed to this environmental disaster.  However, this does not change the fact that disaster took place in federal waters that BP is leasing from the feds, and as such, there is no excuse for the indifference the Administration has astonishingly shown as even some of the most ardent allies of the president have pointed out over the last few days.
As the St. Petersburg Times editorialized on the first Friday of the BP blowout: "President Obama met U2's Bono in the Oval Office on Friday when he should have been headed to the Gulf Coast"; and while the oil washed up in Louisiana marshes, Obama took time out to raise money for the re-election of Barbara "Call Me Senator" Boxer in California. 

It took exactly 9 days for the Administration to acknowledge the severity of this crisis.  Even then, the rhetoric has been one of condemnation of the industry as well as the previous administration.  What gall!  What else should one expect from a President who has done nothing since day one but blame everyone else for everything under the sun while systematically dismantling the American Way.
No wonder why they are headed towards an epic downfall that will make 1994 look enviable to Democrats next November.


P.S. A possible theory now that the Administration is suspending any notion of off-shore drilling for a year (or more). Was the non-response of the federal government to the Gulf spill calculated to achieve a desired result? Hmmmm...... It is a sad day when your governments actions over the past year and a half lead you to think such devious thoughts!

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