"The welfare of humanity is always the alibi of tyrants" - Albert Camus

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Short Takes on Week's Events So Far

Just a few thoughts.....

Welcome to the new era of Obamorality when it is okay to shoot an unarmed man in the head and send cruise missiles raining down on suspected terrorists, killing them and their families and other innocents around them, but it is too uncivilized and immoral to waterboard captured terorists under strict medical supervision (never mind the fact that the same practice provided the key piece of intelligence in 2006 that allowed the "unarmed man" to be found and shot)

As AP puts it, "Obama mocked Republicans on their position on immigration" (notice how the word illegal is left out on purpose to poison the mind of the readers!)  He said: "they won't be happy until they get a moat with alligators along the border".  Another prime example of: a) his complete disregard to securing the border where the border patrol estimates nearly 2 million people crossed in to the U.S. illegally last year despite the shaky economy, and b) his continued unpresidential behavior in mocking, threatening, and bullying his ideological opponents.
(You know, the elections are a short 17 months away and SEIU, revamped ACORN, and his other shock troops  need more illegal's to vote to keep him in power)

Finally, FEMA, which was much maligned by the press and the left under Bush Administration for bungling the aftermath of hurricane Katrina is apparently still incompetent.  They have admitted to paying out more than $28 million by mistake and now is asking for the money back from homeowners.  Now, there is good government work in action - can't wait till they get their hands on healthcare!


Anonymous said...

Thank You for placing first note on the murder of and unarmed man in the presence of his wife and children. A man at that point who was unidentified. What has happend to us? Where is our civility and morality and sense of fair play and right and wrong??????

The Patriot said...

Dear Ananymous:

any resemblence of morality has gone out the window with this bunch of you know what.
Fair play is not a word Alinskyites that occupy the executive branch know.