"The welfare of humanity is always the alibi of tyrants" - Albert Camus

Friday, May 6, 2011

Detroit: Future of America Under Unchecked Progressivism

Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) and other entities like ALEC come up with periodic rankings of each state by various economic performance measures.  The conclusions are inescapably similar: economic as well as demographic past track record as well as forecasts are dominated by more conservative red states at the top and progressive blue states at the bottom in performance (see ALEC report).

The business and population exodus out of these progressive states - most prominently California, Illinois, and New York - where largely unfunded pension funds and run away deficits threaten to bankrupt them, have one common thread: decades of continuous, unchecked progressive administrations.  And now, this.....

As CBS Detroit affiliate WWJ reports, nearly half the residents of Detroit and over a third of its relatively more affluent suburbs are functionally illiterate.  But wait, it gets worse: half of those who are functionally illiterate have a high school diploma!  Don't ask the teacher unions why..........

Yes, this is the same union run city where thousands joyfully lined up in street to get their "Obama cash"; a natural extension of the legions across the country whose blissful ignorance of the most basic truths was demonstrated by likes of those hoping for a change that included having their mortgages paid by the government. 

Take a good look at Detroit - for that matter Cleveland, Akron, or any other progressive dominated, formerly industrial, city - ...they are the consequences of unchecked progressive policies pushed by labor unions, the academia, and corrupt political operatives.  If the Obama Administration succeed in their policy goals, you do not have to look any further to see the future of America.

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