"The welfare of humanity is always the alibi of tyrants" - Albert Camus

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Obama Administration Fascism On Display, AGAIN!!

I missed a telling piece of news last week (actual events took place about four weeks ago) because I was busy responding to arguments essentially against characters of Founding Fathers and Originalism (soon to be published).  Here it is.

When a government tells private business who should or should not run that business, that fits fascism to a tee.  According toWall Street Journal, "Department of Health and Human Services this month notified Howard Solomon of Forest Laboratories Inc. that it intends to exclude him from doing business with the federal government. This, in turn, could prevent Forest from selling its drugs to Medicare, Medicaid and the Veterans Administration. If the government implements its ban, Forest would have to dump Mr. Solomon, now 83 years old, in order to protect its corporate revenue. No drug company, large or small, can afford to lose out on sales to the federal government, a major customer."

The potential action emanates from matters that were settled by Forest in 2010 (regarding illegal marketing accusations involving kickbacks to doctors for prescribing their medications) with no finding of knowledge or wrongdoing by Mr. Solomon. The only basis given in the letter notifying Mr. Solomon of the potential action is that he is “associated with” Forest.

Board member and Chairman of the Audit Committee William J. Candee III, speaking on behalf of Forest’s entire Board of Directors stated, “It would be completely unwarranted to exclude a senior executive against whom there has never been any allegation of wrongdoing whatsoever. Mr. Solomon has always set a tone of the highest integrity from the top. At Mr. Solomon’s direction, the Company has significantly enhanced its sales force monitoring and compliance procedures. We believe the potential HHS-OIG action may well be beyond its legal authority.”

Whether it is the intimidation of bank and insurance company executives, or employing gangster-like strong arm tactics on others, there is no excuse in a free society for such disgraceful, unfittingly American actions.  This type of thuggery is typical of collectivist fascist governments, and now unfortunately reigns supreme in Washington, D.C.

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