"The welfare of humanity is always the alibi of tyrants" - Albert Camus

Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Latest On The Union Cronyism Front

Ethical lapses in Obama labor appointees like Hilda Solis, Craig Becker, and Deborah Greenfield are just matter of fact despite the President's own E.O. 13490 and assurances that he is running the most ethical government in years.

Now, in keeping with Chicago style politics, National Right To Work Committee discloses that the fox is now in charge of guarding the chicken coop.  The Administration has appointed John Lund as Office of Labor-Management Standards Director - its chief investigator of financial mismanagement and irregularities (read: union corruption).  Mr. Lund is not only a former SEIU official, but has several serious conflicts of interest as a NRTWC document discloses.  Here is an interesting video by NRTWC on Lund.

Formerly, in the Labor Department, Lund cut the number of labor union investigators, rescinded disclosure of union officer benefits, eliminated financial reporting for unions like the Wisconsin Education Association Council, and eliminated conflict-of-interest reporting for thousands of union officials in an attempt to reward them for their steadfast support of the Marxist-In-Charge.

In related news that can be classified under 'union cronyism bears its latest fruit', National Labor Relations Board (Craig Becker's outfit), issued a complaint against Boeing for 'unlawfully transferring work to a non-union facility'.  Excuse me?  Where exactly do we live anymore? 

The story by Big Government is sordid and worthy of reading.  With each passing day, this Chicago style administration finds a new way to out-do their previous radical actions; and I am left to wonder if private enterprise (or individuals) have any rights left in this country.

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