"The welfare of humanity is always the alibi of tyrants" - Albert Camus

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Blog War: Response To Persuit of Happyness

You replied to my one section of my response Part I (where I played psychiatrist, explaining the reasons for progressive misery).  In the future, please leave a comment with my post to inform me.  I know we cant respond in the comments section since we have long answers.

As far as income equality, Denmark is a nice example, but you may as well show North Korea and Cuba as examples (where everyone is dirt poor, so there is almost perfect income equality). 

What is income equality, if not communism?  Isn't every individual unique?  Don't they all have unique abilities and circumstances?  Yes, and yes.  So, how do you expect income equality in a competitive, free market economy?  The answer lies in the dirty secret of almost all progressives:  It is because they have no interest in individual liberties, only about a demented sense of social justice.  It is the feeling of guilt stemming from their inability to change things. 

Furthermore, how many times have you been to Denmark?  I visited it twice.  Progressives may be able to fake out people who have never been there, but I will tell you that, by U.S. standards, it is inferior without question.  As you say, with the highest tax rate and sky high consumer prices, how can anyone have the disposable income to do anything?  What kind of freedom is that? 
Do you know how far their average net salary of 2,400 euros get you in Denmark?  Not far at all.  Yes they do have income equality but they have few opportunities to really get anywhere by their own initiatives / entrepreneurship.  Did you know that Denmark has no (as in zip, zilch, nada) billionaires and extremely few millionaires?  Do you really think that they have the entrepreneurial opportunities that we have here?  Why do you think, other than exploration in pre 20th century, Danes have not invented whole heck of a lot of things lately?  The answer is because they have no incentive to.  This is the same outcome in every welfare society like Denmark and U.K..  This escapes you progressives completely.  Denmark has no business climate for corporations to long for.  They are not ranked first but rather 17th (and only because they are the least corrupt country with a stable government and educated workforce)

Happiness wise, yes they are happy.  But, so are the patients in an insane asylum.  It is a subjective measure, once again.  By the same token, in Sweden (another highly progressive/socialistic state), they have some of the world's worst stats for mental depression.  Why aren't they so happy?  It (happiness index) is a useless indicator. 

So-called better systems are not better at all.  Do people with money go to Denmark for your medical care or to the U.S.?  I am sure, this too, we shall discuss later.

I think first you need to define two things: Right, and Fairness. Your POV has major conflicts unless you are an outright Marxist communist. Are you?


Unknown said...

Don't worry, I'll get to your response. Factose just wanted to point out that, once again, you rely on a shitty argument (just a step above an ad hominem attack is a prejudiced statement that stereotypes all liberals the same) to defend your positions. I will get to it in time, I just felt like playing video games and watching a movie instead tonight.

The Patriot said...

Take your time and make sure you make logical points that can be backed up. All these countries that you bring up tells me something about you:
A) either you have never even visited them, or
B) you are an outright Marxist who abhors opportunity for individuals to excel as far as their abilities and motivations will carry them.

As I said, the best test is if you can answer the following logically:
What are rights and what is fairness. And how do you reconcile both.

factoseintolerant said...

Your blog hates to let me comment here, so I commented on my own.