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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Meet Heather Higginbottom: The Latest Socialist Addition To The Administration

Who is Heather Higginbottom?  She is Obama's nominee for Deputy Director of the Office of Management and Budget who is currently going through confirmation process in the U.S. Senate.

Knowing that she was nominated by the annointed one, I was not surprised a bit at her socialist/Marxist connections.  I hope Republicans at the Senate confirmation hearings have the guts to ask her what she was doing addressing an October 30, 2001, Boston Democratic Socialists of America organized forum on "Welfare, Children and Families: The Impact of Welfare Reform", with William Julius Wilson, Dottie Stevens, Jack Clark and Bob Haynes.

William Julius Wilson and Jack Clark were confirmed D.S.A. Marxists. Bob Haynes is a long time Boston D.S.A. affiliate - at least.  The panelists were all known socialist affiliates: Toni Preckwinkle, Alderman of Chicago's 4th Ward, Barack Obama, candidate for the 13th Illinois Senate District, Professor William Julius Wilson, Center for the Study of Urban Inequality at the University of Chicago, Professor Michael Dawson, University of Chicago, and Professor Joseph Schwartz, Temple University and a member of D.S.A.'s National Political Committee.

Despite its relatively innocuous name, Democratic Socialists of America is a radical Marxist organization that believes, according to Democratic Left, Spring 2007, page 9:

Our goal as socialists is to abolish private ownership of the means of production.

DSAers work closely with the Communist Party USA and the pro North Korean/Cuban Workers World Party. One former D.S.A. leader, Kurt Stand is still serving seventeen and a half years in jail, for spying for the former German Democratic Republic and the Soviet Union.

Only naive lemmings would believe that a non-Marxist would address a group of rabid Marxists.  Then again, I wonder just how many non-Marxists are there in this Administration?  I am willing to bet, very few.

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