"The welfare of humanity is always the alibi of tyrants" - Albert Camus

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hypocritical Quote Of The Year (So Far)

As AP puts it, "protesters camped outside the Wisconsin state Assembly chamber on Thursday in anticipation of a final vote on explosive anti-union rights legislation that whisked through the Senate after Republicans outmaneuvered their missing Democratic counterparts and brought a three-week stalemate to its unexpected end."

Perhaps the most amazing part of the story is the quote from Wisconsin Senate Minority Leader, Mark Miller.  Miller said: "In 30 minutes, 18 state senators undid 50 years of civil rights in Wisconsin. Their disrespect for the people of Wisconsin and their rights is an outrage that will never be forgotten.  Tonight, 18 Senate Republicans conspired to take government away from the people."

Excuse me sir, but who is subverting democracy here?  Just who are the 14 legislators who ran away from the state in the middle of the night like thieves in order to stop democracy dead on its tracks?  How is it that collective bargaining is now considered a civil right?  How is it democratic to force union members to pay dues, which go 98% to the Democrat party, which in turn returns the favor by voting for unrealistic union benefits that are bankrupting state after state?  Do you even know the meaning of the words you utter without a scintilla of thought?  And one more thing, just who is acting like the mob (as they always do): the tax payers of Wisconsin or your puppet masters -the unions?

You have a bright future in the Democrat party.  Maybe as a cabinet secretary to the President?

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