"The welfare of humanity is always the alibi of tyrants" - Albert Camus

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Hillary: Clear and Present Danger

The U.S. presidents have made some terrible foreign policy/national security appointee choices in the past.  Top two disastrous names that come to mind are Zbigniew Brzezinski who was appointed by Carter as his National Security Advisor - a man who believed much like our current President that U.S. needs to step back from its position as the leading power in the world -, and Madeleine Albright - Secretary of State for President Clinton who played a pivotal role in turning a blind eye to the growing Islamic radical threat overseas.

Whomever the bad choice, they always were limited in the damage they caused due to their limited political ambitions and scope of their involvement in affairs other than foreign policy. The most recent disastrous foreign policy choice, Hillary Clinton, however is not so unambitious or shy about her views on other matters. 

Hillary's damage to the U.S. interests here and abroad are not limited to the disastrous Administration policy of ignoring and/or backstabbing allies like Israel, Taiwan, Poland, Czech Republic, Iranian dissidents/protestors, Honduras, Colombia,..........(the list goes on seemingly endlessly) while cozying up to and conceding to our mortal enemies in Russia, Iran, China, various radical Muslim leaders, Chavez, Castro, and many other dictators all around the world.  Oh, and let's not forget turning against our own states either!  Scariest prospect of all, however, is that Hillary still has presidential aspirations, and that is a serious problem because, if successful in getting elected in 2016, she will undoubtedly finish off the job of fundamentally transforming the U.S. Obama started but hopefully will not have a chance to finish off.

Hillary's commitment to establishing progressive utopia here in the U.S. is no less than that of her boss, Barack Obama.  Her radical past speaks for itself, and her present mind set as displayed just a couple of weeks ago when she pushed for a global tax on the wealthy proves that we have every bit of a revolutionary leftist in Hillary as we do in our President.

Former Secretaries of State like George Schultz, Alexander Haig, and Condoleeza Rice never stepped outside the professional boundaries of their duties.  Mrs. Clinton and other radicals of the left seem not to be able to help themselves because, to them, the goal isn't to conduct their duties to the best of their abilities while ensuring America's self interests, but its to tear down this country in their zeal to fundamentally transform our constitutional republic. 

A word to the wise:  Watch out for Hillary in 2016!

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