"The welfare of humanity is always the alibi of tyrants" - Albert Camus

Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Speech That Betrayed The Chameleon

Those who are on the far left of the political spectrum, like Robert Reich and the NYT editorial staff among others, have called the President's Kansas speech the most important of his presidency.

We, on the opposite end of the spectrum, agree whole heartedly.  This was the landmark speech as far as shining the light on who Mr. Obama really is.  The snippets of video and various infamous quotes from his books as well as radio by the President made it clear for those with intellectual honesty that we had elected our first Marxist wannabe president in 2008.  His actions in office - particularly the anti business, pro labor ones - cemented that view while the left was disingenuously complaining that he was "too Bush like".  A likely tactic.  Distracting the public by making false allegations, setting up straw arguments, applying Alinskyite tactics,........it is all part of what the progressives must do to advance their agenda.

Yes, the speech was pivotal and it probably cemented the support of the President's base: those who make up the 21% of the electorate who self identify as progressive liberals.  It, however, lost everyone else who was paying attention to it.  And that, provided that enough independents were paying attention, is a losing strategy. 

At the end, it was his own words (or, likely, his speech writers) that did the chameleon in.  I will disect the speech later.



He DEFINATELY outed himself and I HOPE that Americans will take note of it.

Hardnox said...

He showed his ass alright. We've known it beforehand but now he's out of the closet. Ever wonder why the hammer & sickle are so prominent at labor rallies and protests? Well, wonder no more.